If you already own or plan to buy the LMC Box Mod, check out this complete guide to the LMC Box Mod, where we’ll share specifications, features, and even tell you everything you need to know to actually use the mod.  The LMC Box Mod by Limitless Mod Company is an outstanding new addition to an already brilliant line of vape products.  Limitless Mod Company is already known for its Limitless Sleeve Mechanical Mod, its color changing RDA , its RDTA , its LUX Box Mod, and now the LMC Box Mod .  Many prefer this brand for its wide assortment of high-end products, and this new addition only adds to the hype Limitless Mod Company has created over the years.


LMC Box Mod

Limitless LMC Box ModMeasuring in at 23.8mm wide, 63.5mm in length and 92mm in height, the LMC Box Mod by Limitless Mod Company doesn’t create that large of a footprint, even though its requires two 18650 batteries for its power.  It features a standard box shape, yet diagonal corners have been cut with a slant to offer an appearance that isn’t so “standard”.  What’s most impressive about the look of this vape mod is its design options, which allows you to customize the device with interchangeable plates that are magnetic. Quick switch from the original LMC Logo face plate to the “Green Bandana” plate option for an entirely different look.  The LMC Box Mod also features a three button setup that’s placed on a mirror finished lens that covers the mod’s OLED display screen.

The LMC Box Mod is equipped with a custom chipset that provides variable wattage and temperature control capabilities.  Using both modes will allow you to range from 10 watts to 200 watts and fire down to 0.08Ω.  However, when using temp control specifically, you have the ability to use Nickel 200 (Ni200), Titanium, and Stainless Steel wire, along with ranging in temperature from 220 degrees to 580 degrees.  One feature in particular that stands out about this vape mod is its fire mode’s, which gives the option of Soft, Standard, and Powerful.


  1. Blake, thank you so much for taking the time to compose this very thorough LMC operations guide, something the makers of this Mod should have done themselves. When I received my LMC there were no instructions or user guide of any kind included with the device. Not good! I searched the net to find something helpful but found little or nothing until I accidently came across your helpful article. Now I can learn the proper use and maintenance of this device without the frustrating and time wasting trial and error process thanks to you! Excellent 5 Star piece.

  2. I want to thank you Mr. Brown for providing these instructions for the Limitless LMC box mod. I purchased one online and it came with no instructions, just a card with a QR code, but when I scanned the card it led me to their website with only instructions for other Limitless products. I’ve been a vaper for years and own quite a few different box mods, and as you know each one is different and this one is a little tricky, I probably wouldn’t be able to vape on it until I had fiddled around with it for awhile. For what it’s worth, I think that Limitless makes some of the best box mods and their copper mech mod is amazing. I would also recommend their RDA, they are well built and the color changing ones are a cool addition to top off one of their mods. Thank you so much for your help, you’ve saved me a lot of time.

    • Hello again Mr. Brown, I have a question about this new mod, the Limitless LMC box mod. I don’t see any place to set your temperature when first using a coil in temp control mode. Most box mods with TC require you to lock in or set the initial temp of the coil while it is at room temperature. Is this a requirement for this mod or is it done automatically by the internal chipset of the mod? I’ve seen a few mods that don’t require you to lock in the temperature, it’s more convenient to the user, I just wanted to make sure I am using it correctly. I didn’t see any mention of that step in your instructions. Thanks again.

  3. I want to thank you for having these instructions up online. It seem that Limitless MOD Co. does not see the need to have this information online. I just picked up a LMC Box Mod with extra side plates used but looking almost new for a little less than I would have paid online for just the Box Mod. With the extra set of side plates that made it a great deal. However the first owner is not like me. I have the box, instructions, and parts packs for every vape item I own. I found that I needed a bit of help to find my way around the menus for this mod. So glad you had it here in eazy to understand language. Thanks for all the help as it was just what I needed to use my new toy.

  4. Blake,
    I’m brand new to vaping (no nic, just flavor). My friend gave me the mod and until I found your article I had no idea how it worked.
    As a newbie to vaping, not knowing what to set, do you have some basic settings you would recommend I start with and then what adjustments to make from there? Temps, Watts,…. I’m confused .
    Thanks for your help.