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A Complete Guide To The Sigelei Fuchai 213

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Sigelei’s updated Fuchai 213 is a brand new take on a device that has been a fan favorite for the better part of a year.  While some reviewers didn’t think very highly of this or the other 213 device recently released by Sigelei, it appears as though the Fuchai 213 will be just as popular as its predecessor.  The public loved the original Fuchai because it was dirt cheap and built like a tank, and even though it didn’t live up to the advertised specifications, most folks didn’t complain because they never pushed it that hard to begin with.

Over the course of the next few minutes we will take an in-depth look at the operation of the Fuchai 213, so if you bought one today you could pick it up and use it without any problems.  Unlike its predecessor though, the menu functions in this device are a little more complex – but then again Sigelei added a bunch of new features.

UPDATE: Sigelei has released the Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus Mod, which is essentially an updated version of the original 213. CLICK HERE to get the new Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus.

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Sigelei Fuchai 213: The Device

Sigelei Fuchai 213 vw-tc vape mod black solo Guide to VapingThe Fuchai 213 measures in at 88mm by 44mm by 29mm, and is completely different in shape to its predecessor.  It follows very closely to the form of the Sigelei 213, the Pioneer4You IPV400 and IPV6X, opting for the adjustment buttons and screen on the front face with the firing button on the side.  This form has almost become a standard template for dual 18650 systems as it is ergonomically designed for comfort of grip while preventing accidental changes of the settings.  The front facing screen makes it easier to read, especially if you choose to lay it down while making changes.

While the 213 in the name was supposed to represent the maximum wattage of the device, as with its predecessor it falls short, but the fan base doesn’t seem to care about the missing 40 watts at the top end of the power-scale.  What has been added to the Fuchai brand however, is the ability to fire temperature control coils made from Nickel wire, Titanium wire, and Stainless Steel, and by giving the user the ability to control the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) and Temperature Factor of Resistivity (TFR) settings, which opens it up to all specific wire formulations.  Another addition is the ability to charge the dual 18650 batteries in the device, although as with any other device, we can not recommend using this feature.

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers. Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA. Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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  1. Thank you for your help, reading the small print is hard on my 60 year old eyes. I needed to lock the adjustment buttons and now it’s done, thank you. Marie

  2. Hello, I’m having an issue that I cannot find in other threads anywhere. My screen stays on all of the time. I’ve tried locking and unlocking, as well as removing and changing the batteries. It functions normally in every other aspect. Please help.

  3. I’m having an issue where my new TFV8 tank on my sigele 213 won’t read my mod. It keeps saying check atomizer but it’s a brand new tank and coils and its not reading resistants or watts

    • I have the same setup and mine works just fine. Try re-seating the coil in the tank by loosening, then retightening the coil in the tank, or maybe just try another coil. I had to really grip the coil and tighten it really good in mine. Hope this helps.

    • On your tank there is a pin with a flathead make sure it is tight. For what ever reason your pin is not making proper contackt with the mod. Also check the pin in your mod. You may need to adjust it out or tighten it

    • It’s a connection issue. Ensure everything is snuf fit when screwing it on and make sure the mod is making a connection with the tank – which will likely be your issue.

      • I got the squint edition of the fuchai 213 and it read check atomizer with any rda I put on it… idk what to do I don’t have money for a new mod any thing will help

        • Check the 510 pin in the center of the 510 connector at the top. There may be an issue with it, as in the pin may be stuck down too low. Check that and see if you can pry it up if it is.

      • make sure your connections are clean between the coil and the base, as well as the base and box contact

  4. hello i have a question on how to change the dim setting on it. i accidentally put it to lowest dim setting and i dont know how to make it brigher.

    • I didn’t even know there was a way to change how bright the screen is. I just did some research and couldn’t find anything on it. Did you do a specific button combination to change it?

      • no i bought this off a friend and thats what happened to him. it gets annoying because i cant ever see the screen unless im in a comp,etely dark room.

        • Then there is probably something wrong with it, because I don’t know if there’s even a way to dim the screen on this device. Other device’s yes, but not this one.

        • Having same problem, worked for months then all of a sudden screen was black. thought batteries were dead so charged a different set and tried them with no luck

        • Blake I just put new batteries in my mod and all I get is a blank screen I plug it into an outlet and works but won’t fire says batteries imbalance or check automizer. Help please.

        • Have you tried a new set of batteries?, different from the batteries you just tried? or are the new ones a result of trying to fix the issue?

  5. So I’m having a problem. I’ve had mine for like 3 weeks and never had any problems. I charger my batteries last night, put them in, didn’t touch it. I woke up went to fire it and it says HHHHHHHHHall across the screen. But only when I try to fire it. How do I fire it? Or whats wrong?

  6. Thank you for this!
    I just got it a couple of days ago and the first day it was full of flavor but it isn’t so much anymore. I have not changed anything other than the wattage. Do you know why this is?

  7. I just purchased one and if I lock the fire button, I cannot unlock it. I had to remove the batteries to unlock the fire button. I really love the mod though and the flavor is great.

  8. thank you for this review
    I’m using twisted wire, .35ohms that appeared on the screen and an LG choco batt. may I know if it’s safe? also an el diablo atutomizer.
    May you suggest a great build with wthe fuchai? and how much can I use in the wattage with regards of the said items.
    much appreciated thank you!

    • Well, you’re using a regulated mod, so there are built-in safety features that’s an added layer of protection for both you and the Sigelei Fuchai 213. In addition, the LG HG2 batteries are outstanding battery and tests show they perform very well (I personally use them). I prefer Alien Clapton builds in all my RDA/RTA/RDTA’s.

  9. what is the most compatible atomizer for fuchai 213 mod?

    • Depends on what you’re after in your vaping experience. I am using a Smok Cloud Beast, because I am a cloud chaser who likes massive vapor production and intense flavor. With the 8-coil V8-T8 “hyper engine” installed, I can run the Fuchai 213 at 180w and fill my living room with a haze with just a few hits… with the downside being the amount of juice consumed! That’s a couble-edged sword, though, because you’ll probably take fewer hits (and will be fully satisfied with a 3mg nicotine strength, unless you’re a hardcore nic junkie).

  10. Hello. Im use fuchai 213 . just wanna ask about Pre Heat Power Adjustment . Can i turn off this PHPA ? Thank you

    • If you run the wattage down to 1w and the time down to 0.1 seconds, it won’t be doing much of anything. It’s not “off,” exactly, but it’s having zero noticable effect on your vaping experience.

  11. I’ve just bought mine off of someone, it was working fine but when I took out the 2 batteries to put 2 more fully charged ones in, it won’t turn on now. The only way I can get the screen to come on is by plugging the mod in and it reads 0% on the battery level and remains there, almost like it isn’t recognizing the batteries. I’ve tried multiple batteries and cleaned everything.

  12. Mine won’t even let me use it. It says “restore defaults” won’t work at all…anybody know what’s going on

    • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 1:17 pm

      Try opening the battery door holding down + & – whilst shutting the battery door it should say restore yes or no obviously for you it’s yes, good luck

    • I’m having the same issue with mine then if I remove batteries some times it comes on but starts lowering the watts to 10 but it’s like the buttons r stuck. But there aren’t

  13. Hi. Do you know what wire type is V8-T8 coil made of? I can’t find it anywhere, the 304 316 or 317 whatever

    • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 1:11 pm

      Kanthal all the T8s coils are.
      P.s I get it says in places SS but they just mean the housing of the coil is SS, the coil wire is Kanthal however.

    • The V8-T8 coil wasn’t designed for temperature control. It uses Kanthal wire and organic cotton. Only use this coil is wattage mode. 90% of the time, if there’s multiple coils like this or coils that do high wattage, then it’s most likely going to use Kanthal wire.

      • hi, is it good to use an avocado atomizer with fuchai 213 plus? what is the best complete build for an avocado atomizer, and how to set the fuchai to make it flavorful with stated atomizer? thanks a lot

        • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 12:50 pm

          It’s not the Fuchai that makes flavour it’s your coil choice wicking etc, again if your using proprietary coils well you don’t have to worry about it.

        • I use the halo reactor 5 ml tank and it works great with the fuchai. They go online for $15-$30, dont forget the coils.


    • Same issue I’m having. I don’t want to click the wrong thing and have it break on me

      • It’s a Kanthal coil. Use this coil in wattage mode only.

        • stephen swearse March 18, 2017 at 9:21 pm

          hi im’m using th tfv4 smok tank with my fuchai 213 watt, the coils are patented triple head coils with high quality kanthal wire. i only use these coils in wattage mode around 85 watts, but i’m having a problem with the tank overheating. i only have a few vapes before it gets to hot and not a lot of vapor production. i also have a smok g priv, i tried the tfv4 tank on it set to stainless max flavor around 95 watts and i was blowing massive clouds? just wondering if the tfvf is really compatible with the fuchai 213 or not, maybe you could suggest agood tank for the fuchai for me prefferably with pre built coils,i don’t mind rba’s but don’t reaally go their… please help

        • stephen swearse March 20, 2017 at 9:17 am

          cheers for the info, i actually went out and bought the tfv8 big baby beast today and tried it on my fuchai 213plus the coils are v8 baby – t6 core 0.2 ohm sextuple coils best betwen 70 -90 watts, coil is wicking out awesomely instant hits now, killer flavor and the tank stays a so much cooler now and i mean a lot cooler , i’m vaping in power mode at 65 watts to 75 watts and theirs is so much more vapor now, not hot not dry but just right now. i would recommend the big baby beast anyday especialy for the new fuchai cloor screen mods. been good chatting vaping interest me a lot, so you’ll probably here from me any mate take care fellow vapor… and vape on

        • Awesome! Glad it worked out for ya! Thanks for visiting the site!

        • As for tanks, I personally use the TFV8 Tank with the V8 Baby-Q2 0.4 ohm coil. Works perfectly!

        • What resistance is the coil that you’re using? You shouldn’t be running Kanthal coils in stainless steel mode. I believe the coil you’re using is the 0.2 ohm rated for 40 to 140 watts, so if it’s getting too hot very quickly then you’re either chain vaping and causing it or your liquid isn’t wicking good enough to saturated the cotton and make its way to the coil. When you fire up the coil, it doesn’t have anything wet on it, which would explain the low amount of vapor and it getting hot very quickly.

  14. I just got my Fuchai 213 mini the day before yesterday. I charged it that night and woke up to a full charge. I charged it last night and woke up to the wattage down to 31 and it was still charging . I put it back to 40 and it’s still yet to get to a full charge. SNYTHING I Can do? It’s attached to a 5v 2a charger.

  15. I just bought a 213 and it started of great but now seems to be leaking fluid out the air intakes. Kind of disappointed. I’ve never dropped it or damaged it.

  16. I use the fuchai 213 plus …I’m just curious what watts and seconds in preheat adjustment I should put it at if you want to vap at 60 watts or say 90 watts on the cloud beast with the v8t8

    • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 12:47 pm

      Pre-heat in my opinion is more for people that build big ass coils & are running a RTA wouldn’t really worry about it with standard smok coils, or any other proprietary coils for that matter.

    • Put it whatever satisfies you most. You can adjust it to a softer hit or harder hit. It’s basically just a manual way of the Soft, Standard, and Hard strength setting on a SMOK device.

  17. Is there any way to reset the puff counter?

  18. My Fuchai 213 plus worked fine until I woke up today. Èverytime I screw on an atty it auto fires at full wattage ànd won’t stop until I unscrew it. Mod is fine otherwise. Not sure what I should do. I only bought it 2 weeks ago. Please help. I need to save my favorite mod.1+

    • I am getting the same problem! it has worked fine all day, but suddenly I went to hit it and it wouldn’t stop firing until I took the batteries out. I have tried my other tank, different batteries, but nothing works. It just fires as soon as its on or the tank is screwed on.

    • I don’t know anything that could be done on your end to fix it, unfortunately. There is either a problem with the button sticking or the chip has malfunctioned. I would definitely contact the store where you purchased it from or the manufacturer and see what could be done.

      • So to turn off you have to remove the batteries?

        • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 12:53 pm

          What is it with people wanna turn there mod off lol no I hear ya’s there is no way of turning the 213 off this is not dangerous some of the best chips in the game run this way.

        • Darren Endscrypt Young May 22, 2018 at 12:44 pm

          Yup exactly the same as a DNA board, the mod itself will deal with sleeping.

  19. Does anyone know how to lock the wattage? I’ve tried holding the fire button and the – button at the same time and all it does is decrease the wattage,

  20. I love my Fuchai but I can not get it to fire in the tc mode with ss316 coils 🙁

  21. The screen says fc213plus 1649v1.0 on in will not change help

    • Have you tried removing the batteries and reinserting them? If the issue persists, you may need to contact Sigelei for support or the store you purchased it from. If there is a way to upgrade or replace the default firmware, I’m sure that will fix it.

  22. Hi, I was wondering if the Aspire Atlantis tanks are compatible with the Sigelei 213. From what I’ve read about this box mod, I think I would love to have it but I really don’t want to buy a new tank.

    • They are, but that’s a lot of power that’s going to waste, since the Aspire Atlantis isn’t rated for high wattage vaping. It will of course be compatible, but you could get away with buying a device that’s much cheaper.

  23. Elow i got some issue for funchai 213 i just want to ask how to change the language setting ? as of now it is in Chinese language how to change in English language?

  24. how do i clear the puffs counter

  25. Is there a way to see how many puffs you’ve taken?

  26. just got one, changed the coil and now it only says low resistance with 0.00 across the board. how do i fix this? anytime i try to open menu it wont let me it just flash repeats low resistance.

  27. I’m having an issue with my fuchai 213 mini not working. it wont turn on screen wont come on anymore. wont even charge or show its charging or anything. any advice please

  28. I was trying to reset the puff counter and to do that you have to hold the + & – button while installing the batteries. Well I accidentally held the fire button down as well and it recalibrated the device and now my ohm reading is off by .05 to .1 ohms. Do you by any chance know how to fix this?

  29. So I locked my adjustment buttons and now I don’t know how to unlock them. The wattage is too high for me.

  30. I’ve had mine for a while now and today the screen won’t shut down when idle and the power bar is fluctuating.

  31. My mod can’t fire it only says pre heat adjustment doesnt show the menu with 3 clicks and doesnt lock Sadky I cant vape 🙁

  32. Help I have been using a Sigelei Fuchai 213 (with my favorite Arctic tank) for several months and I LOVE IT! I seem to have inadvertently hit a combination of buttons that messed up all my settings. Originally, I used the factory settings and only increased the wattage to my taste. I have restored to factory settings but when I try to increase the wattage as I had before the display reads “resistance setting only for temp mode”. I can’t seem to find a way out of this.
    As a result, I am stuck vaping at 40 watts, a bit underwhelming.

    I would appreciate any suggestions 🙂

  33. Mine won’t stop firing. It’s stuck on. Any ideas?

  34. My mod said imbalanced battery problem then the LED screen turned white. Now it wont function

  35. OMG I wish I didn’t get this damn thing never had vape mouth now I’ve had it 2 days battery live sucks and rly what’s u with the wattage jumping and battery 2 rly who on earth made this thing

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