If you’re looking for a complete guide to the SMOK Novo Kit, we’ve created yet another incredible, highly detailed guide. When it comes to solid, ultra-portable, compact pod system designs, it doesn’t get much better than the SMOK Novo. It’s a lightweight masterpiece from an international powerhouse that punches way above its grade. The Novo from SMOK® delivers perfection with every hit and looks good doing it. Let’s take a quick look at the device, what’s inside, how it all works and figure out why this is one of the fastest selling pod systems currently on the market.

The Smok Novo All-In-One System

SMOK Novo KitWhen it comes to pumping out killer kits and epic all-in-one systems, SMOK has had the market tied up for years. As a company, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd has dwarfed its competition: over the last few years, putting out more different products than everyone else combined. From 200-watt box mods down to sleek pod systems, SMOK has something for everyone. Always making sure that every design is available in a plethora of colors, SMOK focuses as much on design as function. In a lot of ways, the innovation from SMOK has been pushing the industry forward.

The Novo is one of the best products engineered by SMOK in the last six months, period. Not because it pushes boundaries or creates a new category but because they nailed the concept they were going for. A sleek design that is simple to use, easy to fill and doesn’t require a massive user manual, it’s a step up from the average pod system. With its compact, low-profile design, the SMOK Novo is an ideal stealth vape. Its internal 450mAh battery makes it simple to use; you don’t need to buy additional power sources or external chargers, it’s as simple as plug ‘n’  play with a USB port. Pushing consistently between 10 and 16 watts makes it one of the most powerful air driven devices on the market.

SMOK Novo Cobra PanelFrom a design perspective, the cobra plated panels make it stand out from the crowd while its comfortable, curved, ergonomic design makes it feel like an extension of your personality. For a device designed around salt nicotine use, it makes you feel as though other products are inferior. A plus point of the 1.5Ω 2ML refillable pod is the fact that you tend to get a decent amount of run time for each one between fills and replacement (and the fact that 2 come in the pack is a definite bonus).

Contents of the SMOK Novo Kit

  •        1x SMOK Novo Device
  •        2x SMOK Novo Replacement Pods
  •        1x User Manual
  •        1x Micro- USB Charging Cable

Operating Instructions for the SMOK Novo.

Operating the Novo is extremely simple, as is the device maintenance. The whole point of the pod system is to keep vaping effortless.

Charging the Novo – Simply plug the enclosed MicroUSB charge cable into the Novo and either a USB wall adaptor or USB connector on your computer. It is very important never to plug it into an adaptor that pushes over 1.5 amps. Anything that is considered a fast charger can damage the 450mAh battery very quickly. You will know when the battery needs to be charged as the intelligent battery indicator in the Novo will give you a very clear prompt – when it flashes 15 times, rapidly, it has dropped below 3.3 V and requires power. Important point: The Novo does include a vape while charging function (pass-through technology as it was previously known) so even while its plugged in, it’s usable.

Filling the Novo Pod – Before first installing the pod, look on the side and you will see a small rubber piece on the tank. Gently lift the rubber bung and fill with your choice of e-liquid. The juice hole is big enough to accommodate a small dropper (if you are still using e-liquid in a medicine styled bottle) or the plastic nozzle of any Chubby bottle. After filling the tank, make sure to firmly re-insert the rubber bung to prevent any leaking.

Attaching/Detaching the Pod – Simply take the Novo Pod in one hand and the SMOK Novo device in the other and marry the two. While there are no magnets or clips to hold anything in place, the design of the product will keep them firmly together. When it’s time to refill or replace the SMOK Novo Pod, hold the two components between your hands and gently pull them apart.

Activating the Novo – Place the Novo tip in your mouth and take advantage of the air driven system. All you have to do is inhale and the device will do all the work for you. During normal operation, the smart LED will show blue to let you know that the device is activated and working correctly for the duration of your hit. If you pull for more than 8 seconds, the Novo will go into protection mode and switch itself off.


Now that we have described the basic functions of the Novo from Smok, talked a little about the device and what makes it stand out from the pack, we hope to have covered any questions you may have. The SMOK Novo is a great little device, and whether you currently own one or are looking to get one in the near future, remember this guide is here- you may just need it again.


    • if it blinks four times, theres a problem with the connection. if it blinks 15 times, it’s this stupid thing in the programming that tells you you should take a break

    • its air driven so it comes in through where the charging port is and then out the top where the pod is, sometimes it just needs a good blow like with an nes/snes/genesis game cart. condensation can sometimes build under the pod as well if youre hauling on it out in the cold

  1. I just bought mine yesterday. Let it charge for a while. And….nothing. I don’t know if it’s not holding a charge. Or if there is a poor connection between the pod. Not a happy camper 😞

    • hrmm, thats odd.. you sure its got the right cord going to a proper usb slot? it comes with this tiny little thing that would probably disconnect constantly just because its so short. does the light go off at all? I guess its possible you just got a dud somehow? idk. I got a novo last year and on dec 15th ill be a year off cigs, so good luck. don’t get discouraged.


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