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Earthbound CBD Vape Juice Preview

Originally gaining much success in the vapor products industry years ago with manufacturing e-liquid, a company changed its focus towards providing CBD that is affordable and effective. Earthbound CBD is a brand that was created to combat the overpriced CBD market by developing a collection of two...


What Is CBD Vape Juice

When it comes to exhaled clouds of deliciously flavored fine particles, there isn’t anything available to top CBD vape juice. It is the latest craze is the vaping movement, and it’s taking the health and wellness sector by storm as well. With all this talk of CBD, and vape juice having...


The 5 Best CBD Oil Tinctures of 2019

Just on the horizon is a new era of ways for people to enjoy life to the fullest without pain, anxiety, depression, and a whole list of ailments that, at some point, will affect nearly every person in the world. The solution to this madness? It’s called CBD, and it’s a molecule that...



Vaping isn’t exactly a new trend nowadays; in fact, people have been vaping for many thousands of years, if you consider the most basic forms of vaping that were used by the ancient Egyptians in order to vape herbs through the use of hot stones. In more modern times, the first somewhat recognizable...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The SMOK Fetch Mini

There are many vapor pod systems that have been released over the last two years, yet the SMOK Fetch Mini delivers something different than all of them. It resembles a box mod with a compact design, yet functions and feels like a vapor pod system. Intertwining the two makes for an incredible...


Top 5 Best CBD Vape Juice Brands and Flavors of 2019

There are loads of items on the market today, yet not all are created equal. For this reason, we’re publishing this article with the top 5 best CBD vape juice brands and flavors of 2019 to make your shopping experience easier, and choosing the best items available simpler. If you’re...

CBD Vape Hardware Previews

Exxus Vape Exxus GO Vaporizer Preview

Believe it or not but dry herb vaporizers are the new wave in the world of vaping products, and that’s mostly caused by the legalization of cannabis in many states and industrial hemp becoming legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill. Manufacturers are now ramping up production to create the...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The GeekVape Frenzy Kit

After years of sharing information on vaping products, here is one we’re very excited to reveal, the GeekVape Frenzy Kit. It’s a vape pod system that has taken over the category due to its incredible design, many features, and outstanding performance capabilities. In this article, we...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit

When it comes to vaping, we’re greedy, we want it all, and we never stop looking for the perfect device that can deliver us everything we had hoped for. We love the power and technology of mods, yet we’re captivated by the convenience and simplicity of pod systems. Fortunately...



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