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A Complete Guide To The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank

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Getting Started With The TFV8 Big Baby Tank

For those of you who aren’t familiar with tanks or just need a little help getting started with the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank, we’re going to list some tips on how to get started so that get back to what you enjoy most, vaping.  This process is really simple, so do not overthink these instructions.

  • TFV8 Big Baby Tank DiagramStep 1: Unscrew the bottom base and remove it from the tank.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the coil is tightened properly onto the bottom base.
    • Do not over tighten – snug fit is appropriate. Loosen the coil and remove it to replace it.
  • Step 3: Prime the coil appropriately while still seated in bottom base to prevent dry hits or foul taste on first use.
    • Learn how to prime the coil by reading the next part of this guide below.
  • Step 4: Attach the coil and bottom base back to the tank by screwing it onto the threads.
  • Step 5: Open up the swivel latch to expose the fill port.
    • Look at the top base and there’s an arrow showing you which way to turn so that you can open it.
  • Step 6: Pour e-liquid into the tank from the fill port positioned towards the side.
    • Fill it up to about 3/4 of the tank. I never fill a tank all the way up. I have no reasoning why.
  • Step 7: Close the swivel latch and press down a bit for it to lock.
    • You’ll notice how it locks when you turn the swivel to close it.
  • Step 8: Make sure the airflow is open. Simply turn the bottom to open or close airflow.
    • You’ll want the airflow to be open. This is how the air flows through to your coil to mix with the vapor created.
  • Step 9: Take a few short puffs at a lower wattage than recommended to ensure you’ve primed it correctly.
    • If you didn’t prime it correctly, you’ll get a foul or burnt taste. If this happen, wait a few minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the cotton, then repeat this step.
  • Step 10: Turn the wattage up to SMOK’s recommended wattage and begin vaping.

How To Prime The TFV8 Big Baby Coil

Many people over think the priming process, while some do not even know how to do it. Many vendors and manufacturers will tell you to pour e-liquid into the tank and wait three minutes to prime it, but many of us vapers found out a better way to ensure the cotton is fully soaked, primed, and ready for action. This is how you correctly prime the TFV8 Big Baby Coil.

NOTE: Keep in mind, the idea here is to make sure that the cotton is soaked with e-liquid. If the cotton isn’t soaked with e-liquid, when you heat up the coil, it will burn the cotton because it doesn’t have anything to vaporize. When you prime the coil you are making sure the cotton surrounding the coil is soaked with e-liquid so that when you first use it, it already has e-liquid to vaporize, rather than hoping the cotton soaks up the liquid on its own after filling.

  • Step 1: Remove the bottom base from the tank while the coil is still attached to the bottom base.
  • Step 2: Make sure the coil is attached to the bottom base of the tank while priming.
    • We recommend to keep it on the bottom base to prevent e-liquid from getting on your fingers. It’s just less messy this way.
  • Step 3: Place a few drops everywhere on the coil that you see cotton – AKA on all of the wicking slots.
    • Continue to place drops of e-liquid onto the cotton until it looks soaked/wet.
  • Step 4: Look down the middle of the coil head and you will see the coil surrounded by cotton. Place a few drops of e-liquid onto the cotton.
    • Make sure that you’re not over doing it. You’re only wanting to make sure there is enough e-liquid to soak the cotton.
  • Step 5: Attach the bottom base back onto the tank by screwing it onto the threads.

NOTE: When you’re buying this tank from the button below, there is an option to the right where you can include a 5-pack of coils.

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  1. Great review. I bought this tank in a kit along with the Stick V8 a couple of months ago and have to say that I love it. My first tank was the V8 Baby and I moved up to the Big Baby for the increased E liquid capacity. I have used all of the coils that you mentioned here and have found that my favorite is the Q2. It seems to be the best in terms of flavor and has an airflow that reminds me of smoking a cigarette. On the occasions that my local vape shop is out of the Q2s I go with the X4 and have found it to be very similar to the Q2 with the only difference being that it’s a little too hot for my taste.

  2. I bought one for a great price. Love the top air flow, no leaking like my other baby beasts!

  3. I need help with my new TFV8 big baby tank 😓… it’s pretty much brand new and I’m only just coming to the first coil change stage. The tank was already pre built and ready to go and was bought in the OSUB King Kit just a couple of weeks ago. The problem is, I can’t even unscrew the bottom base off to get anywhere near the inside to get the cotton or the entire changed. Possibly was over tightened when put together by the manufacturer? Possibly I’m just too dumb to realise something like ‘which way I should be turning this thing’? I just don’t know 😔 but it’s making me sad. I’ve been contemplating a scale and polish from the outside and forcing back in some cotton bacon and hope that will fix the problem temporarily (I’m actually not that stupid! Or even that clever in fact! 🤣)… somebody, anybody or even everybody- please help me find a solution before I actually do cry 😬! Thanks in advance! ❤️

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