If you’re anything like myself, you absolutely love visiting vape shops.  What’s even more exciting about this vape shop visit is that some of my family owns it.  With that being said, my Wife and I, and our two kids loaded up in the car and traveled three hours to not only visit family, but to visit their vape shop that has become known for its plethora of e-liquid flavors and brands.

This post/video wasn’t meant to act as a review, but more of just a show and tell for the Macon Vape and More store.  I married into this part of the family, I know them well, and they have the same love for the vaping industry as I do.  That said, if you’re ever in Macon, Georgia and want to visit a vape shop that has all the latest products and tons of e-liquid, stop by Macon Vape and More and check out their selection  (and, be sure to tell them Blake sent you!).


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