Just when you thought devices were at a standstill, the industry’s manufacturers release yet another breakthrough device, this time in the form of a smartwatch. While it is considered a watch, as it tells time and displays other sorts of information, these little compact, tech-infused devices are actually vaporizers with the same overall concept as the one you’re using this very minute. They have all of the necessary equipment to deliver the same experience, such as the shell, battery, and atomizer. The convenience of having both a watch and vaporizer in one, plus the convenience of having it right on your wrist is all you could ask for. While some see it as another gimmick, there are many people that enjoy it, and for those, here’s a quick comparison of the two leading watch-style devices on the market — the Acacia Q-Watch Pod Kit VS Uwell Amulet Pod Kit.

About The Acacia Q-Watch Pod Kit

Acacia Vape WatchWhile it may not have the name superior as Uwell, it’s definitely on the rise with its new Q-Watch Pod Kit, a detachable band watch e-cig that has many captivated. Much like a real smartwatch, the Q-Watch Pod Kit by Acacia can display the time, battery life, and due to it being a vaporizer, it can also display your puff count. Powering the device is a built-in 270mAh battery. The device has a micro-USB port, which allows for a 45 minute to 60 minute charge time for 24 hours of vaping time. The device comes with an empty 1.1ML cartridge and will attach to a wristband. The coil within the cartridge has a honeycomb design, delivering a gentle, smooth taste.

About The Uwell Amulet Pod Kit

Uwell Amulet PodThe Uwell Amutlet Pod Kit was one of the first watch-style e-cigs to surface on the market, and its design certainly gained a lot of attention. Though the Q-Watch is definitely impressive, the Amulet by Uwell has more to offer, boasting a moisture and dust resistant housing, along with its very own silicone watch strap. There is also a touch display screen that will display both time and date, along with other vital information. The device is powered by a 370mAh battery, which delivers a maximum wattage output of 10W. It also boasts a refillable pod that has a 2ML e-liquid capacity and uses Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology with a 1.6-ohm coil. Everything is made simple, offering an automatic draw-activated design, which is designed for both regular eliquids and nicotine salt e-liquids.

The Conclusion

While both options, the Acacia Q-Watch Pod Kit and Uwell Amulet Pod Kit are extremely impressive, the Amulet is the king in the vape watch category. The device has many more options, designed to deliver the best look and feel, and seems to have the best quality of the two. Not to mention, it is Uwell that developed the product, which goes a long way. There are many points to compare with these two, such as the battery. The Q-Watch offers just 270mAh, while the Amulet offers 370mAh. No matter which vape watch you go with, you’re in for a surprise, but if you’re asking our opinion, the Amulet wins.