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Alabama Jail To Sell E-Cigarettes

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Following in the path of the latest Tennessee Jail to sell e-cigarettes, an Alabama Jail will now rake in the profit from the quickly growing devices as well.

In Phenix City, Alabama, the Russell County Jail are now allowing inmates to buy electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes became available on August 6th for a surprising $18 each. Disposable e-cigarettes can be purchased at almost any convenience store these days for around $10 each.

“One of the things we were looking at is having a calmer, better behaved inmate and I think that will happen with the introduction of the e-cigarette,” said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor

Taylor said that he’s hoping they (e-cigarettes) will cut down on contraband tobacco, which is one of the facility’s biggest problems.

“Many inmates have tried the e-cigarettes and seem to like them,” said inmate Tony Brown.

Taylor said that there is no expense to the county and that the jail makes a $4 to $5 profit off of each e-cigarette sold.

Though we see a few Jails slowly making use of the electronic cigarettes, as time continues I think there will be more to follow in the future. Who knows, there might become a devoted industry of electronic cigarettes specifically designed for jails and other institutions.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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