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An In-Depth Look: GLAS E-Liquid

West Coast Vape Supply

Sean Glas launched GLAS E-Liquid in 2015 during the vape summit convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why Glas you might ask? GLAS is an award-winning vape juice, and vape enthusiast expects excellence with every vape juice they purchase and GLAS ejuice won’t let down their customers. Every single one of their vape juices come with the wax seal to ensure authenticity.

Glas E-Liquid Vape Juice Flavors

GLAS Glazed

GLAS GlazedGLAS Glazed brings you the taste of a freshly baked and glazed doughnut with hints of vanilla that will have you drooling from the moment you open the bottle. This vape juice is one for the books. As you inhale GLAS Glazed, the taste of a freshly baked buttery pasty hits your taste buds in the most succulent way. As you exhale, the sugary glaze combines with the doughnut flavor to create a taste directly out of your favorite doughnut shop.

GLAS Guave

GLAS GuaveGLAS Guave delivers the taste of sweet guava, fresh berries, and a hint of pink lemonade. This fusion is so out of this world that your taste buds will be driven crazy. As you inhale, the taste of guava hits your taste buds like never before. Then, the taste of the fresh berries joins the guava. As you exhale, the pink lemonade flavor brings the entire vape juice into a full circle of flavor.


GLAS MilkGLAS Milk brings you the revitalizing taste of strawberry milk like you’ve never experienced before. This vape juice is sure to have your taste buds going crazy from the first inhale. As you inhale GLAS Milk, the taste of fresh strawberries washes over your taste buds in all of their succulent glory. As you exhale, the sweet cream milk base combines with the fruit to create a strawberry milk flavor that will rock your socks off.


GLAS PBLSPebbles (PBLS) is one of the astonishing unique vape juice flavors on the market; the award-winning ejuice crafted with irresistible macaroons and fruit cereal. This blend by GLAS E-Liquid is an absolute must-try for those who enjoy a cereal all-day vape juice.

GLAS Pound Cake

GLAS Pound CakeGLAS Pound Cake brings you the delightful taste of freshly baked sweet cake that has notes of lemon zest and vanilla in it. This flavor is so mouthwatering that you will never be able to get enough. As you inhale GLAS Pound Cake, the taste of a freshly baked cake will wash over your taste buds causing your eyes to close with pleasure. Then, the lemon zest taste comes into play giving your taste buds a slight tingle. As you exhale, the vanilla brings the entire flavor into a full rounded flavor.

GLAS E-Liquid is the perfect vape juice to keep all of your cravings at bay. GLAS vape juices will excite your taste buds to a level you didn’t even know existed.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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