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Author - Zack Lopez

Intermediate Rebuildables

All About Battery Safety

It was brought to my attention in my last tutorial, that I left out a few basic safety pointers when using any unregulated device, and rebuildable atomizer.  This entire post will be dedicated to everything safety. From what to look out for, to what to test, and what to buy to continue vaping...

Advanced Rebuildables

Dual Micro Coil Building Picture Tutorial

Here in the article I am going to walk you guys through every step I personally take when building a set of dual micro coils. First up, all the supplies you will need to have: Torch of some sort, butane or propane will work Needle nose pliers Small flush cutters Whatever you decide to wrap your...

Advanced Rebuildables

The Basics: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Using your basic clearomizer and eGo setups are great smoking alternatives, but some people like myself find that it’s just not enough.  All of your e-liquid flavors will be muted, your nicotine intake will be limited, and you will be spending a lot of money on buying replacement coils and...



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Innokin EQs

Innokin EQs