Using your basic clearomizer and eGo setups are great smoking alternatives, but some people like myself find that it’s just not enough.  All of your e-liquid flavors will be muted, your nicotine intake will be limited, and you will be spending a lot of money on buying replacement coils and tanks every time you turn around.  For all of you hobbyists out there, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA’s) are great.  The flavor is unrivaled, the vapor production is out of this world, and it gives you the options to change your e-liquid flavor types on the fly, whenever you feel like it.  Later on, we’ll get into all the components of these RDA’s, and what will make or break them for you.

panzer-black-hawkThe best way to go, when looking to get into rebuildable dripping atomizers, is definitely mechanical mods (no variable voltage, no variable wattage, no fancy display). By using a mechanical mod, you won’t be limited on what you can build, due to resistance limits. You won’t have to worry about fragile devices always breaking on you and costing you tons of money (to save money, and live better is why we all started vaping anyways right?).  All a mechanical mod is, is a simple metal tube, a firing button, and a top pin. There is nothing to break, very little to go wrong, especially if you are going to be sub-ohming (learn about sub-ohm coils in future articles).

There is also many different kind of rebuildables; you have your rebuildable tank atomizers like the Kayfun and the Fogger V4, which we will talk about in another article. Then you have your dripping atomizers, like the popular TOBH atomizer and the Stillare atomizer by Cartel Mods. Your RDA’s come in 3 different styles of atomizers; your simple single coil, which are two post atomizers ( one negative post, and one positive post). You have the most common style, which is a three post atomizer (two negative posts, and one positive post), and plays well as the best style for your everyday dripper and for those just looking to get good flavor and vapor production. And finally, if you look around, you’ll find your four and five post atomizers (a very advanced setup. I personally would not recommend this style of atomizer for any beginner). The five post atomizers are made for quad coils, and more. These atomizers are very difficult, very time-consuming, and in my own experience, do not work as well as just simple dual coils.

There are a few downsides to using a rebuildable dripping atomizer, but the positives far outweigh those. One of them would be that your battery will no longer last you a full day or more anymore. Depending on the resistance of your build, the battery will last anywhere from as short as 20 minutes (super sub-ohm builds, below 0.1 ohms) to around 6 hours for your average .5-.6 ohm build. In addition, you will always have to have a bottle of e-liquid with you, so be sure to find some good suppliers who put their e-liquid into leak-proof containers (you can find those by visiting some of the supporting visitors here on GTV). Those are truly the only downsides to dripping, countered by better taste, more vapor production, and being able to change flavors on the fly.