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Best Affordable Vaporizers 2020

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Vaporizers are now the most common way to enjoy weed safely. A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats up your cannabis at a low temperature without emitting smoke. It emits the vapor containing the active compounds contained in cannabis which you inhale. Finding the best affordable vaporizer is not very easy since they are now flooded in the market. Some of the vaporizers will disappoint you by not working as you expect them too. Others are quite expensive. This article will review some of the affordable vaporizers in the market. Our focus will be on cheap weed vaporizers, the best cheap dab pen, the best cheap wax pen, and cheap vape pens for weed.

A cannabis vaporizer works by having a heating element that heats up your cannabis either by way of conduction or convection. In conduction, your weed is in direct contact with the heating element while in convection, hot air passes through the weed, thereby heating it up and releasing vapor which you then inhale.

Before settling on the best affordable vaporizer, you need to consider the following factors

  • Temperature setting

Different types of vaporizers have different temperature settings. The settings will generally dictate what cannabis concentrate you can use with it. Different concentrates have different compounds that heat up at different temperatures.

  • Type of weed you consume

Some vaporizers are made for specific types of weed. Some are made for flowers, herbs, liquid oil, or solid weed concentrates.

  • Budget 

This is the most important factor. You’ll find vaporizers at every price range. Even though you are looking for the best affordable vaporizer, Paintthemoon suggests that you do not go for the cheapest option you come across. You are better off spending a little more on a quality vaporizer that will serve you well.

  • Battery life

Battery life is important if you are always outdoors. Battery capacity is normally indicated on the device. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery life.

  • Performance

This is a top consideration since you want a vaporizer that will serve you well. It is closely tied to the budget you have but not always the case. If portability is not a significant consideration for you, then a desktop vaporizer is the better option. If you are mainly vaping concentrates such as oil and waxes, then a wax pen is better.

Now let us review the best affordable vaporizers

Vapium Summit Plus

This is a quality vaporizer that has a sturdy appearance. It has a battery life of 3300 mAh, which is impressive. It has temperature settings that allow you to vape at your most preferred temperature. When the vaping temperature gets to your set option, a vibrator goes off, alerting you that you can start inhaling the sweet stuff. The mouthpiece attachment is sizeable enough and is connected through a steel air pathway to the heating chamber. Going for less than $100, this vaporizer is a good choice.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

If you are looking for the best cheap dab pen, this is the right choice. It is a vape pen that is highly portable with good battery life. It charges with a USB and has three temperature settings. It can be used to vape concentrates, waxes, oils. The settings are for lower viscosity oils, waxes, and higher viscosity concentrates. Among all the best cheap wax pens, this is the friendliest to use even for beginners. That why it finds its way into our list. To place your concentrate into the vape pen, all you have to do is to open the mouthpiece and expose the heating chamber. You can then add your favorite weed concentrate. Use the right setting, and there you go. It costs less than $100.

Exxus Mini

This is a highly portable vaporizer that can fit into your pocket. It measures just 4 inches by 1 inch. It is also quite affordable, retailing at about $120. It has two temperature settings. This is fewer than many other options in the market but is adequate for use. The heating chamber has a range of 160-210C. The vaping temperature is reached in less than 30 seconds. Unlike other cheap vaporizers in the market, the mouthpiece doesn’t get hot since it is heat resistant. The battery life is adequate at 30 minutes to run time. The vaporizer comes with added accessories such as a cleaning tool, brush, and a spare mouthpiece

Vivant Alternate

The Vivant Alternate is an affordable vaporizer with excellent battery life. The battery has a rating of 18650, which is quite high.  Additional spare batteries can be bought separately. Thus, this vaporizer suits a heavy user who is outdoors for a long time. You can also have extra batteries with you. Another impressive feature with this vaporizer is that it runs on hybrid conduction and convection heating. This hybrid method allows you to get the full flavor of weed

Kandypens Elite

Kandypens Elite is a cheap vape pen weed but a high-quality one. It has been in the market for about two years now. It now goes about $ 60 down from $140 when it first came to the market. This vape pen works quite well with the two atomizers, one ceramic and the other one quartz. The vapor production is smooth all the way. Compared to other cheap weed vaporizer pens, the Kandypen elite has above-average battery life. The four heat settings will enable you to sample different types of concentrates.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is an awesome vaporizer with some great features. It is an improvement of the Pax 2. In terms of value for money, you’ll get a good deal with this vaporizer.  It is small and can be discreetly cried in the pocket. Other features include good vapor quality, temperature control, and long battery life. 

As you have read from our list, you don’t need to get a high-end device. Affordable vaporizers will work just fine. When shopping for a vape pen, the primary consideration will be your budget and performance of the device. If you plan to use it mostly outdoors, battery life will be an added consideration.

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