There are many of you out there that are interested in showing off your vaping gear or making your own YouTube vaping videos, but you’re unsure of what camera to use and unsure of what other YouTube reviewers use.  Trust me, I was the same way and was a bit clueless on what would be the best camera for me, so I ended up wasting a lot of money on multiple cameras and gear to go along with them.  In this video/post, I’m going to give you some tips and advice so that you can find the best camera to make YouTube vaping videos, while also saving you both time and money.


When searching for a camera to make YouTube vaping videos, you’ll need to look for 5 things:

1080p Video: You’ll want to look for a camera that is able to deliver great video quality.  These days most cameras offer 1080p, making whatever you’re shooting look cystal clear.  Not only will your videos look better, but people are more inclined to subscribe to your YouTube channel if you look like you’ve got your shit together and taking the YouTube thing serious.

Accepts External Microphone: There’s nothing worse than watching a great video that’s hard on the ears.  When you’re looking for a camera to make the best videos possible, you’ll want to find a camera that can accept an external microphone.  Though you could use the onboard microphone that is built inside of your camera, most times the microphone quality won’t deliver great results.  You’ll hear a hissing noise and a lot of background, so this is why it’s vital that you use a camera that accepts an external microphone.

Flip-Out Screen: Though a flip-out screen isn’t required, it definitely makes the job much easier.  Not only does it make setting up your shot much easier, but you can also see yourself to make sure your lighting remains good throughout your video and it also helps you stay in frame.  Trust me when I say this, getting a camera with a flip-out screen will make creating videos easier and much more enjoyable.

Good Auto Focus: Choosing a camera with good auto focus is also something you will definitely want to find.  When your camera doesn’t have a good auto focus, you’re then forced to manually focus everything, making it very difficult to get footage while moving or while the subject in frame is moving.  Even when you’re doing talking head videos, such as video reviews, it is important since you can literally point the camera in the area you’ll be at, press record and it’ll do the focusing for you.  Without a good auto focus, you’re having to get someone to focus the camera on you while you’re in the frame, and that sucks.

Lens Options: Your camera doesn’t have to have lens options or have to allow you to change the lens, but it’s definitely something that becomes very useful.  For an example, for the talking head part of my videos I use a non-zoomable 50mm 1.8 STM lens that gives my videos the nice blurry look behind me, while I use a zoom 18-55mm STM lens that is perfect for getting those close up video shots of products.

There are many great cameras available today that offers incredible features that will help you make outstanding YouTube vaping videos.  I personally use and recommend the Canon 80D, but it comes with a hefty price too.  On the other hand, there are many YouTube users that use the inexpensive Canon T5i and have given positive reviews on it.  Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that you choose a camera that has the features that will fit you best.