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Best Disposable Vape UK 2020

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In the world of vapor products, disposable vaping is quickly gaining the market spotlight. It originates from the days where devices like Blu and Njoy gained its claim to fame but those devices and the brands behind them were short-lived in an industry of innovation. Fast forward years later and pod systems gained its place on the throne. With great thinkers and innovative experts behind some of the largest brands, disposable pod systems became the highlight because of their convenience, simplicity, and performance.

With so many disposable pod systems currently available on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one. However, we have been fortunate enough to get our hands on a vast number of them, and for those specifically located in the United Kingdom, we’ve found the best in your area. Feast your eyes on the industry’s latest and greatest disposable, the MOTI PIIN Disposable Pod Kit.

MOTI PIIN Disposable Pod Kit

The MOTI PIIN Disposable Kit is the best disposable vape in UK, boasting a discreet profile that delivers a beautifully constructed curved body. Just as pleasing to look at its shell, the colors coated on this remarkable device will have you thrilled to use it, even if it is temporary. With a cylindrical shape, the MOTI PIIN is much easier to hold, more comfortable to use, and stows away easily, making it more portable than traditional pod systems.

Aside from its remarkably crafted outer design, the insides of the MOTI PIIN is what will deliver the excitement. Internally, the device features a hefty tank pre-filled with 20mg of salt nicotine e-liquid available in 10 different flavor options to choose from. Designed around convenience, this device doesn’t feature any buttons to operate it and confusing instructions are left in the wind since it is completely automated using an advanced draw-activated firing mechanism.

It is the perfect device to use on-the-go and simply toss it when you are finished. It requires no filling, no charging, and absolutely no maintenance. From the very moment you receive the MOTI PIIN Disposable PIIN Pod Kit, you are ready to go. All that is left is to choose the next flavor your tastes are craving. Here’s a look at the 10 deliciously crafted MOTI PIIN flavors.

MOTI PIIN Disposable Pod Kit Flavors

Menthol Tobacco

Using a premium tobacco blend and refreshing menthol, your tastes will be reminded of a popular menthol cigarette that you once enjoyed, just without all the harm.

Pineapple Ice

Relive that moment on a tropical island with Pineapple Ice, a pineapple frozen to its core that was harvested straight from the tropics. You will taste every bit of its flavor and chilling temperatures in this cool fruity vape.

Tropical Mango

There is a gem in the tropics, and it just so happens to be this deliciously succulent tropical mango vape. It explodes with flavor and with each taste, you’ll experience a tropical salt-nic-infused mango like never before.

Classic Tobacco

If you are a fan of true classic tobacco, you simply can’t go wrong with this perfectly created vape. It features a thick and creamy custard flavor that coats the tobacco leaf, leaving you fulfilled and inspired.

Blueberry Parfait

It isn’t your ordinary blueberry parfait, this one took time to develop. Imagine big notes of creamy yogurt, layered perfectly with a dash of honey-touched granola. The experience is completed with loads of blueberry flavor to create a sweet and fruity vape that is out of this world.

Banana Frost

Fans of banana flavors all over can rejoice for this remarkable flavor. Banana Frost offers a slew of ripe, tropical bananas. They’ve been transported a cooler atmosphere so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of banana with a more chilled tone to create the perfect vape treat.

Mung Bean

Ready yourself for one of the most unique vapes on the market, boasting south Asian mung beans combined with classic mint. The experience is priceless and unforgettable.

Jasmine Tea

This is one flavor you won’t forget. Imagine green tea, earthy aromas, and all paired with light floral jasmine to create a truly satisfying vape.

Yogurt Drink

It’s a yogurt drink inspired vape that comes complete with classic cultured milk and all the flavors of yogurt you’re missing out on.

Grape Ice

For the fans of grape flavor, you know it’s hard to create one that is perfect. This Grape Ice flavor has been developed, crafted, and executed perfectly, offering a sweet and crisp experience from freshly picked grapes, hints of rolled candy, and finished with a cooling sensation of menthol.

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