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Brand Introduction: Smartcart

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With a slew of cannabinoids emerging onto the market, new products are being developed to host them. Smartcart is the latest and greatest brand to support these compounds, and they’re doing it in an innovative way. They’ve opted to create convenient vaping devices with a plug-and-play design, alongside functionality that creates an effortless vaping experience. For those who prefer the delicious taste and discreetness of edibles, Smartcart has also created its own bite-sized gummies, which harness the power of Delta 8. You’ll learn about this and more in this brand introduction of Smartcart.

What Is Smartcart?

Smartcart is one of the industry’s leading brands for alternative vape products. They’re headquartered in California and have become one of the hottest news brands to emerge onto the scene. They offer high-quality vape devices, refill pods, and gummies that suit every lifestyle. Their products are designed to deliver an unrivaled vaping experience, with an emphasis on convenience, affordability, and quality. Smartcart is proud to provide products that are both reliable and enjoyable, making it easier for our customers to enjoy the benefits of vaping and cannabinoid consumption. Whether you’re new to alternative vaping or a seasoned veteran, Smartcart has a small variety of products that are made with your experience in mind. Their selection of products includes starter kits, refill pods, and gummies, so you can find the perfect setup for your vaping needs or enjoy a range of delicious candy flavors. Whether you’re looking for the best value or the latest technology, Smartcart has you covered.

Smartcart Product Collection

Smartcart Delta 8 Starter Kit

Smartcart Delta 8 Starter Kit

The Smartcart Delta 8 Starter Kit is a convenient vaping device and pod combo that you’ll instantly fall in love with. This small but mighty bundle allows you to explore a range of different strains to experience flavorsome tastes and the finest quality Delta 8 for some of the most impressive euphoric effects. The device is ultra-compact, and sleek, and sports a soft-touch finish that makes holding the device just as pleasing as it is to look at. Though the device is relatively small, it’s also very durable, helping withstand any of those future accidental drops. The Smartcart device comes with an integrated rechargeable battery and accepts refill pods that have a 1mL capacity and a built-in ceramic coil. Each kit includes the Smartcart device and two refill pods containing Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes.

Smartcart Delta 8 Refill Pods

The Smartcart Delta 8 Refill Pods act as the perfect companion for the Delta 8 Starter Kit. These small pods are designed specifically for the Smartcart battery, easily snapping into place for effortless replacement. Each pod features a built-in mouthpiece that is comfortable on the lips. It has a 1mL capacity and contains 1 gram of quality Delta 8 distillate and strain-specific terpenes. Choose from a wide range of strains to explore a variety of different tastes. Additionally, you’ll enjoy an integrated ceramic coil for better flavor, vapor production, and overall performance.

Smartcart HHC Starter Kit

The Smartcart HHC Starter Kit is equally as impressive as the Delta 8 Starter Kit. It’s convenient, portable, durable, and long-lasting, and makes vaping absolutely effortless. It’s another device and pod combo that makes vaping so much more enjoyable. Though the device looks severely impressive, the appealing, soft-touch finish makes the device also very comfortable to hold and use. It’s the small details that have propelled this device to the success it sees today. Within the device is an integrated rechargeable battery. It is also capable of housing 1mL refill pods, which feature a built-in ceramic coil. Each kit comes with both the device and two refill pods containing HHC and strain-specific terpenes.

Smartcart HHC Refill Pods

The Smartcart HHC Refill Pods are designed specifically for the HHC Starter Kit, although they can be used with the battery from the Delta 8 starter kit as well. The way the pod is created is to easily snap into place, providing an effortless experience when replacing the pod. The pod has a built-in mouthpiece that is extremely comfortable. Each pod has a 1mL capacity and contains 1 gram of HHC distillate and strain-specific terpenes. There is a range of different flavor profiles to explore, as the HHC Refill Pods come in several different strains. To enhance the performance, the pod uses a ceramic coil, increasing the flavor, vapor, and overall performance.

Smart Delta 8 Gummies by Smartcart

The Smart Delta 8 Gummies by Smartcart are an extremely delicious option to consider for those who looking for a more discreet option, enjoyable delicious flavors, and receive a long-lasting dose of Delta 8. The gummies are small, bite-sized, chewy, and incredibly flavorsome. There are 30 gummies per bottle, and 20mg of Delta 8 is infused into each gummy, giving you a potent 600mg dose of Delta 8 per bottle. Please your taste buds with watermelon, blueberry, green apple, and orange flavor options.

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