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Breaking: Evolv To Release The DNA 40 Temperature Protection Board

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Evolv of course has been working on its latest DNA board as many of you know. There were rumors that it would involve temperature, and those sources, such as VaporJoes and the others were correct. Evolv is set to release the DNA 40 Temperature Protection Board on October 14th.

There are many details to go over on this new DNA board, so Phil Busardo covered it all by speaking to the man himself, Brandon from Evolvapor. However, I will list the features below for those of you who don’t have the time to watch the video.

  • Fires as low as 0.16ohms.
  • Adjustable Wattage from 1W to 40W.
  • Reverse Battery Protection (If you put the battery in the wrong way, it no long kills the DNA board)
  • Temperature Protection/Settings (Tempature Mode with Nickel wire – Normal mode with Kanthal) ~ 200-600 (Can be turned off)
  • Soft Limiting (Protects the user from the battery)
  • Pre-Heat (Dumps power to the coil to its limit until the coil reaches that temperature to pre-heat the coil)

There have been many speculations about this new board and its Temperature functions, but after watching the video that Phil put out, it pretty much sums up how this all works. Using the Temperature Protection, you can adjust the temperature to your liking. If you ever reach the temperature you set, it will then limit it from going any higher. Here are some examples…

Example 1: You set the wattage to 40 watts on your dripper, forget that it’s at 40 watts and then put on your Kayfun, you would possibly burn your wick or e-liquid and would get a foul taste. With the temperature protection, no matter how high the wattage is, it won’t go above the temperature you set. In other words, no more burnt wicks…

Example 2: You’re using your dripper and blowing out clouds. You take another pull and get a bad taste because your wicking isn’t wet. When this happens, your heat will rise since the wick/coil isn’t wet. This often resorts in a bad and dry taste. With the temperature protection, it’ll let you know when that happens since your temperature has been set. If the temperature spikes up, you know it’s because you need to wet your coil/more e-liquid.

I high recommend watching the video from Phil so that you can completely understand how this new DNA 40 board will work.

Thanks to Phil for the share – you can visit his channel here:

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Blake Brown

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