Can Vuse e-cigarettes help me quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke is a question I hear quite often.  I will start off by telling you that no e-cigarette company will make the claim that their products are smoking cessation devices, because in the majority of countries around the world it is against the law for them to make such assertions.  They are marketed as a less harmful solution to combustible cigarettes, and by looking to cut down or quit completely you are already in the mindset for harm reduction.  We do not work for an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System company and are therefore not restricted in the same way that manufacturers are.  We are free to give our opinions on what does and does not work for you as a consumer.

What Is The Vuse E-CigaretteVUSE System Contents

The Vuse e-cigarette is arguably the best known brand of e-cig on the planet, simply because they are sold on the same shelves that are utilized by their parent company RJ Reynolds and are one of the few brands that are seen in television advertisements.  As a smoker, you will have seen these space age devices and wondered if Vuse are useful or if indeed they can help you put down cigarettes for good.  Vuse may be well-known, but for advanced users (vapers) they are a thing of the past as there are so many other devices on the market that are more in line with their needs.  As someone preparing to take your first steps into the world of vaping, here is what you need to know about the Vuse e-cigarette.
The Vuse is marketed as the worlds most advanced e-cigarette and the first digital vapor cigarette designed with smart technology.  While it may contain a small micro processor that is designed to monitor and adjust the power delivered to the cartridge up to 2000 a second, these claims are misleading at best.  Even when Vuse came to the party, there were already a plethora of advanced vaping devices that offered much more in the way of technological advances, but as a multinational mammoth corporation, they are one of the few companies who can put their products in front of the general public by way of television and established retail outlets.  As a starter, the nicotine level will definitely be enough for anyone who is a heavy smoker.  Most vape shops will not sell e-liquid that is higher than 24 milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) but the v-liquid in the vuse contains 4.8% (or 48 mg/ml), by far the highest I have seen in any product.

The Vuse DeviceVuse delivery system explained

The device itself is extremely simple to work with, you have a charger, power unit and replaceable cartridge.  You attach the cartridge to the power unit and give it a couple of puffs, very similar to smoking a cigarette.  There are no buttons or  menu’s, you just use it until the cartridge tastes bad or the power light on the end of the Vuse changes color.  This is an extremely simple device to use.  Unfortunately, with simplicity comes many draw backs.  Firstly, the company have decided to offer 2 flavors, both of which are traditionally associated with the cigarettes you smoke now.  They are not the greatest tasting e-liquids on the market but they are not the worst.  As you start to use electronic cigarettes, you will find that moving away from flavors you associate with smoking works better as you are removing one of the habitual memories from your system.  Unfortunately RJ Reynolds and their Vuse do not give you this option, which in the long run will make it harder for you to step away from your lifelong habit. The vapor production isn’t terrible but it leaves a lot to be desired when compared with even the most basic of advanced personal vaporizers.  Even with its high nicotine content, the Vuse will leave many people feeling unsatisfied, as with smoking you can take 10 or 15 hits from a cigarette before you are done.     Take 5 hits on this guy in a row and you will feel sick, if the device hasn’t cut you  off in the process.  The only reason I would recommend this product to someone who is looking to quit smoking is to get them used to the feeling of vapor in their throat.

After The Vuse

Even as a lifelong smoker, you will not be used to the feeling of  e-liquid vapor in the back of your throat.  For many, the sensation makes them cough and wheeze the first few times, even though they can chain smoke a whole pack of cigarettes back to back. Use this device only as a way to get yourself prepared for the devices that are in front of you.  While these are inexpensive and readily available devices, the hundreds of thousands who have put their cigarettes down for good have done so by moving beyond the “cigalike” market.  If it looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette and tastes like a cigarette, chances are you are not going to be able to use them to break the mental connection you have to those little white sticks.  On the other hand,  if it tastes like strawberries and cream and looks and feels like something out of a Star Wars movie you are in essence breaking 3 of the stranglehold’s your addiction has you in.  Some people use the Vuse and will swear by them all day long, because that is what works for them personally and I applaud them.  It is not my place to tell you what you should or shouldn’t use, just give you my opinion of what has worked for me and the people who I talk to-day in day out.  I was a smoker for 22 years, my journey away from cigarettes started out with the Blu and rapidly moved on from there.  I can say these are harm reduction and smoking cessation tools because I can attest to many thousands of  people who have used them effectively to quit.  I have been cigarette free for 2 years and can not wait until you can say the same back to me.

What We Recommend

Though the Vuse E-Cigarette is a great way to get an idea of what vaping is like, we recommend products that are completely different and that offer longer battery life and better performance.  If you want to get a Vuse E-Cigarette to try, go ahead, but if you’re looking to ensure your success with switching over to vaping, use the links below to find a better product.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!