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The Mod That Never Was – Remember The Eclipse EQ

For years there has been manufacturers spilling out new and innovative products throughout the vaping market, but unfortunately not all of them result in a success that should be mentioned years later.  However, there was one product, and though it didn’t have the success one would hope for...


The Future of Vaping In A Trump Presidency

Millions of people around the world dialed into their televisions as well as the Internet to watch the great shock and awe of 2016, where Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a long and heated race to the White House.  The monumental campaigns between the two candidates sparked an uproar in the...


Why NJOY’s Bankruptcy Is Bad News For Vaping

  After several years of apparent financial free fall, the independent e-cig manufacturer of NJOY applied for Chapter 11 relief in the US Bankruptcy Court for the district of Delaware on September 16th of this year.  While many in the online vaping community have expressed that they see this...


Vape Videos That Will Make You Cringe

  If you’re looking for vape videos that will down-right make you cringe, we’ve got a hot serving of five of them to do just the trick!  The world-wide web is full of video’s that leave you sitting there asking yourself why, and more importantly, why you just spent time...


The FDA Regulations and Vape Advertising

  Once upon a time vape advertising was at the forefront of many store owners minds, but leading up to the Food and Drug Administrations deeming regulations, those terrorizing regulations would be all many are worried about.  What this article is more directed to is addressing some of those...


Who Is The Greatest Enemy of Vaping?

  Over the years the vaping community has had a plethora of enemies, the industries freedoms are being knocked out by one agency after another, but does anyone know what the greatest single threat to vaping is?  Some people believe it’s the FDA, others believe it’s the Tobacco...


The Vape Exhibit – Richmond, Virginia 2016

  This past weekend my wife and I attended our first ever ECC event, one of which we’ve been wanting to attend for quite some time, but haven’t due to the lengthy trip it would involve.  However, thankfully I’m an employee of the Ecig Advertising Group, which happened to be...


Are Vapor Pod Systems A Step In The Wrong Direction?

  For some vapor hobbyists it appears as though the idea of manufacturers turning their attention from high wattage fog machines to a more basic concept is an affront.  The proposition of ENDS devices that don’t produce massive amounts of vapor, may not come with refillable tanks, and...



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