Let’s Compare Vapers To The Founding Fathers

  It's Independence Day weekend, so we thought for a nice change of pace we could put together a little "What if..." post comparing our modern-day struggle to the war that...
mini mods

Check Out Vaping’s Latest Mini Mods

  The vaping market has been filled with large mods, but there's been a shift, and many manufacturers are beginning to pump out what's known as Mini Mods.  These mods...
Why American Vapers Should Educate Their Doctors featured iamge

Why American Vapers Should Educate Their Doctors

  American vapers should walk into their doctors offices with copies of the Royal College of Physicians report printed out and tucked under their arms.  There are 500 pages of information...

Who Needs A 300 Watt Box Mod?

  Is there a single person reading this, right now, that needs a 300 watt box mod?  How about a 200 watt mod with temperature control?  The reason behind these questions...
how to change the rx200 faceplate

How To Change Reuleaux RX200 Faceplate

  In this installment of GuideToVaping's How-To, we're going to switch out the plates on the Reuleaux RX200 and in the process, we'll show you how to do it as...

Why Vapers Should Be Like Vegans

  Let me begin this post by saying that I did not start this thought process.  It was actually a topic of discussion between friends over the weekend (one of whom...
mini volt fix

How To Fix The COV Mini Volt Mod

  There were many of you that shared to us that your Mini Volt suddenly stopped working.  No worries though, today I'm going to share how to fix the COV...
what it means to be a vaper feature

What Does It Mean To Be A Vaper

  What does it mean to be a vaper?  I have personally been asked this question many times, and I am going to take the next couple of minutes to...
May we Have The Attention Of Vape Shop Owners featured image

May We Have The Attention of Vape Shop Owners?

  If you own one of the 8,000 plus dedicated vape shops in the United States, this post is for you.  If your business is one of the several million establishments...
friendly fire will kill vaping header

Friendly Fire May Kill Vaping

  The FDA, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Tobacco, and the Special Interest healthcare groups are sitting back and laughing at vapers right now.  Friendly fire will kill this industry, and I'm going...
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