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Juul-Compatible ViV Pods

It’s hard to think of the world of vape trends and not think of Juul devices. These pod mod devices became a quick hit with smokers because of their sleek design, easy interface, and powerful delivery of nicotine salt ejuice. The Juul vape pods that come standard with these devices can leave...


Explore One of The Best Vape Shops In Columbus, Ohio

With an immense increase in vape shops all across the US, it’s especially important for each brick & mortar location to display some of the best traits this industry has to offer. Vapor Station is one of the many stores within the Ohio area, but it’s considered one of the best vapor...


Welcome To The Future of Vaping

We often see “welcome to the future of vaping” when manufacturing brands promote products, yet the futuristic hardware and devices are often short-lived, achieving a less than fortunate success rate and words that are no better than its shortcomings in popularity. Why are these...


Cursed by A Stain-Filled Vaping Market

Though we’re gifted with a quite fruitful market where manufacturers are consistently raising the bar by developing new and innovative products, we’re also cursed with a stain-filled market. I first ask that you pause with the confusion and allow me to explain more in-depth. You see...


How Cheap Ejuice Has Impacted The Vaping Industry

Cheap ejuice has impacted the vaping industry in several ways, becoming the best thing to ever happen for some manufacturers, while not so much for others. In this article we want to bring to light how cheap ejuice has impacted the vaping industry and those involved in it, be it a manufacturer...


Products That Are Reshaping The Squonk Mod Market

For years squonking has been a thing to a select amount of vapers, capturing only a small portion of the market. However, the number of those vapers are beginning to rise due to new products that are reshaping the squonk mod market. Though there are many that believe squonking is a new way of...


These Two Vapers Are Bridging The Gap Between US and China

Our foreign counterpart that’s established themselves as leaders within a US based market has a clouded vision when it comes to products, the FDA, and advocacy. However, there are two vapers that are bridging the gap between US and China and it has resulted in a win for both countries. While...


Trading In Big Mods For Small Pods

For years we’ve been puffing on large mods that are equipped with incredible features, but the vapor pod boom recently hit the vaping market, causing some to trade in their big mods for small mods. It’s always been a known saying that bigger is always better. In fact, this saying...



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