vaping truth

The Shocking Truth About Vaping and Headlines

  In this pieced together video, I share the shocking truth about vaping and headlines.  It isn't too often that I let the media and those against vaping get to...
vapers rights, human rights

Are Anti Vapers Violating Human Rights?

Are the anti vaping groups committing human rights violations?  When this question first came across my desk I was perplexed.  In my mind, people committing human rights violations were monsters...
fda and vape advertising

The FDA Regulations and Vape Advertising

  Once upon a time vape advertising was at the forefront of many store owners minds, but leading up to the Food and Drug Administrations deeming regulations, those terrorizing regulations would...
top 5 five that will help you survive the apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse - Get this, my boss just emailed me out of nowhere and said that the Apocalypse happens tomorrow!  He...
Blake Brown Blowing Vapor

Non Smokers Are Key To Saving Vaping

Non smokers are the key to saving vaping.  As vapers, we are constantly trying to get smokers away from combustible cigarettes and offer them a less harmful alternative.  At...
cigars smoke shop

Great Ways To Make Sure Your Smoke Shop Is Well-Protected

Setting up a smoke shop can be quite challenging with all the requirements that you need to complete before you are allowed to operate. For this reason, you need...

Top 5 Kanger Vape Mods of 2016

Top 5 Kanger vape mods of 2016 gives an in-depth view on Kanger's latest and most popular vape mods moving into the year 2016.  Though some of these mods...
myle vape

What Makes Myle Vape so Popular?

Whether you are thinking about transitioning from traditional cigarettes to electrical ones, or you enjoy vaping and want to try out another device, you might have trouble deciding which...

Are Vapor Pod Systems A Step In The Wrong Direction?

  For some vapor hobbyists it appears as though the idea of manufacturers turning their attention from high wattage fog machines to a more basic concept is an affront.  The proposition of...
is your premium e-liquid really premium

Is Your Premium E-Liquid Really Premium?

For year's and more so now, e-liquid branding has been tossed around carrying the "premium" label to insinuate that it's in with the it crowd, that it's better than...
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