Top 5 best 26650 mod header

Top 5 Best 26650 Mods

In this addition to our "top" lists, we share our opinion of the top 5 best 26650 mods.  This list of 26650 mods will only hold a single 26650...
top 5 cheap mini box mods

Top 5 Cheap Mini Box Mods

If you have a passion for mini box mods and you're on a budget, then you'll adore our top 5 cheap mini box mods list.  This list will display...
The true difference between vaping and smoking header

The True Difference Between Vaping And Smoking

  According to the FDA, there's absolutely no difference between the use of vaping devices and smoking cigarettes.  The 500 pages of deeming rule include a lot of very confusing regulations,...
macon vape and more

A Visit To Macon Vape and More

If you're anything like myself, you absolutely love visiting vape shops.  What's even more exciting about this vape shop visit is that some of my family owns it.  With...
Wismec Reuleaux RX200 vs DNA 200

Wismec Reuleaux RX 200 vs DNA 200: What Is The Difference

Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 or Wismec Reuleaux RX 200, that is the question.  Actually, the question is what is the difference?  Looking at these devices, they appear almost identical.  Both are...

Sub-Ohm Tank Battle: Phantom Tank vs TFV4 Tank

Each day we read posts asking for information on which sub-ohm tank is better and why.  We've decided it's time to put these tanks head-to-head and figure out who is...
top 5 five that will help you survive the apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

Top 5 Mods That Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse - Get this, my boss just emailed me out of nowhere and said that the Apocalypse happens tomorrow!  He...
a billion lives

Want A Vape Documentary In Your Theater? Here’s How!

  If you're a passionate vaper and want to see a single documentary potentially change the world's outlook on both smoking and vaping, here's the solution staring you in the...
Blake Brown Blowing Vapor

Non Smokers Are Key To Saving Vaping

Non smokers are the key to saving vaping.  As vapers, we are constantly trying to get smokers away from combustible cigarettes and offer them a less harmful alternative.  At...
Junk Science Kills Vaping

Junk Science Kills People But Vaping Is The Enemy

Inaccurate or junk scientific studies are being thrown around right now as if the findings will never be questioned.  I recently read an article titled "18 E-Cig Studies Exposed...