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Vendor Giveaways

Vaptio Cosmo Kit Giveaway

Though it’s been a while, we’ve managed to partner with Vaptio to conduct a giveaway that will result in three winners receiving the Vaptio Cosmo Kit. Vaptio has become a long time friend of Guide To Vaping, and their products perform exceptionally well. As you’re quite aware...

Vendor Giveaways

Atom Vapes Metropolis Tank Giveaway

  Winners have been picked, congrats to: Laura, Venessa, Danny, Mark, and Rob. For those of you that haven’t had the chance to read or watch my recent Metropolis Tank Review, you should definitely check it out.  I personally don’t give my blessing to many tanks that have come out...

Vendor Giveaways

BIG AZZ GIVEAWAY – 3 Chances To Win

  If you’ve been looking for the ultimate giveaway, you’ve just stumbled upon it.  In this giveaway, I took a collection of extra products that were sent to me, products that I never got around to reviewing, and products that were specifically sent for giveaways.  I crammed them...

Vendor Giveaways

HeavenGifts – UD Balrog Starter Kit Giveaway

HeavenGifts has graced us with 2 new UD Balrog Starter Kits to giveaway to GuideToVaping viewers.  If you’re not yet familiar with, they’re a vape distributor based in China.  They’ve grown a large presense within the vaping industry since they first originated...

Vendor Giveaways

Atom Vapes Revolver Kit Giveaway

There are only specific moments in your life that being lucky will greatly benefit you, like when you use your last $20 to play the lottery, those last five dobs you have on the slot machine after you’ve lowered your bet from one dollar to 30 cent (yea, don’t ask!), and like this moment...

Vendor Giveaways

TheVapeStore iPV D2 Giveaway

The Vape Store is giving away a Pioneer4You iPV D2 here at Guide To Vaping.  If you’re interested in participating in the giveaway, simply share this giveaway post on your favorite social networks and comment on this post. Congrats to David (smitt*** for winning the iPV D2 from The...

Vendor Giveaways

The Plume Room BIG Giveaway – TPR New Flavors!

Our awesome friends at contacted us with a giveaway for GuideToVaping viewers! The Plume Room (TPR) has become one of the most loved online retailers by the vaping community and on the web in general. Much like many online retailers, you gain this vibe from doing business with them...



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