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Celebrity vapers who have made the switch from smoking 

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In the golden age of Hollywood, the biggest celebrities would seldom be seen without a cigarette in hand. For many, it was all part of the image – even today, people adorn their homes with framed photographs of Audrey Hepburn with her famous and outrageously oversized quellazaire or of Franz Zappa with his lit cigarette lodged in smoke rising from the headstock of his guitar.  

These days, lighting up is frowned upon, and celebrities who still cling to the habit are more likely to do so out of sight, like rebellious teenagers. However, as new forms of vaping have arrived on the scene, with stylish options like the ccell range, plenty of famous faces have made the switch and are happy to make vaping part of their image, like 21st-century versions of Hepburn, Zappa, and the rest. Let’s meet half a dozen of them.  

Prince Harry 

The popular press can’t get enough of the rebel royal, and over the years celebrity snappers have taken photographs of him lighting up outside bars and nightclubs. Sources close to Harry say that since he got married and became a father, he has completely cut out the habit and has instead taken up vaping, even indulging in a discreet puff during royal ceremonies. 

Willie Nelson 

The original outlaw, Willie Nelson has a lifelong nicotine habit and has been a staunch cannabis advocate since the early 60s. Legend has it he once shared a joint with President Carter’s son on the roof of the White House! Now approaching 90, Willie still loves to get high. However, he has switched from smoking to using a herbal vaporizer. He says it is easier on his throat, and for someone who still follows a grueling touring schedule, that has to make sense.  

Johnny Depp 

Another man who is no stranger to controversy, Depp’s smoking habit was ingrained, but he was worried about the long term impact on his health. He told Rolling Stone magazine that he was using vapes to try to wean himself off the cigarettes, as he believed vaping was a healthier option.  

Catherine Zeta Jones 

The Welsh actress who made it big in Hollywood might have married into showbiz royalty, but she was prompted to switch to vaping by an incident that will resonate with all of us. Her husband Michael Douglas fought throat cancer back in 2010. It was a fight he won, and a wake-up call to his wife to make the switch.  

Leonardo de Caprio 

Arguably the most famous celebrity vaper of them all, De Caprio’s vape pen has become part of his image. You’ll rarely see him without it, and he can often be spotted puffing out clouds at celebrity events and award ceremonies.  

Jack Nicholson  

The Hollywood legend often portrayed cigar-puffing hard men in the movies, but the actor himself was also a heavy smoker. Now 85, he’s been forced to take things easier and look after his health. One important change he made was to ditch the cigars, and he’s been seen at events and book signings with a vape in hand instead.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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