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Dark Chocolate Mint – Highbrow Vapor

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Today I will be reviewing a 18mg bottle of Dark Chocolate Mint from It’s said to be a blend of dark chocolate and creme de menthe with a slight hint of vanilla. For this review I will be using my variable volt ego battery on 4.2v and a low resistance ego atomizer.

To begin the liquid smells very much like expected spot on with a Chocolate Mint scent. The only thing I really disliked about first views is how dark this liquid is. After trying the liquid for the first time I did get a small hint of chocolate taste but not so much the mint. It isn’t like a milky chocolate however as it’s name is Dark Chocolate Mint. It’s just not rich tasting like most chocolate liquids you have, I find it rather dull and almost as if stale taste for chocolate. I also noticed on first second or two of inhale there’s a very odd and unknown taste, I’m not sure what it is but I’m not getting the chocolate taste for a couple seconds. After trying the liquid a few more times I began to taste the mint finally and the chocolate is starting to come out a bit more but still not very strong flavor wise for either. I haven’t been getting much of a throat hit at all with this juice. The vapor production is mild I wouldn’t say there is a lot or a little.

Overall I didn’t enjoy this liquid very much, I think it lacks for what I’d expect from a chocolate mint. There isn’t much of a throat hit but it is smooth, some people enjoy this but I prefer to have some throat hit. The vapor production again was mild. I wouldn’t recommend this liquid to anyone who enjoys the rich and milky chocolate taste as you won’t get that out of this liquid. However if you enjoy dark chocolates this may be something you would also enjoy, although I think it could at least still improve on the mint.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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  1. This flavor is easily achieved with jr Watkins real extracts

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