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Could Rebuildable Atomizers Take Over?

At first it was all about disposable atomizers and cartomizers, then clearomizers exploded upon the market. Even though clearomizers continue to be the top accessory within the e-cigarette industry, it seems as if rebuildable atomizers are slowly creeping up to take that top spot. Indeed, it seems...


Where’s My E-Liquid Bottle?

It seems like we’re always losing something. If it’s not the controller or cell phone you’ve seemed to misplace, then it’s your e-liquid bottle. Although I would like to say I’m a super safe person and always keep my e-liquid bottle at the highest place in my house...

Best of Event

Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013 – Live Polls

We’ve finally made it to the Best of 2013’s final phase; the Live Polls. I would first like to thank all of you who have participated in the Best of 2013 entries phase of this online event. With your participation, we were able to tally up thousands of entries to bring you the 5 best...

Electronic Cigarette News

E-Cig Opposers: Not In Their Right Mind

Electronic cigarettes were designed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and it’s been very successful throughout the time it’s been available. Instead of taking lives like tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs have been saving lives, and even creating job opportunities. However, no matter how...



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