Direct dripping is to drip your e-liquid directly onto the atomizer.  By directly dripping your e-liquid onto the atomizer, your liquid doesn’t get caught up in the filter and cause you a whole bunch of hassle.  While direct dripping you seem to use more e-liquid and it only lasts for 7 to 10 pulls, it’s better in my opinion because you get the pure taste along with creating a lot more vapor versus dripping onto something like the wool filters.

When direct dripping, it is said to only drip 3 drops from what I’ve been told, but don’t hold me to that as some may think different.  Personally, I drip 3 drops and it usually lasts me around 10 pulls, give or take.  When direct dripping, be sure not to add too much liquid, not that it will hurt it, but it defiantly become quite a mess to clean up.  If anything, I urge you to try it out sometime.  To learn more about direct dripping, visit our video page.

What are drip tips?


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