Nurtured under the umbrella of the Halo Company, the DOSE CBD brand is thriving with its new series of disposable vaporizers infused with delicious flavor and potent CBD Isolate. The new DOSE Disposable CBD Vape is an outstanding device to use for those who want an amazing taste, fast-acting effects, and a comfort device that comes with no fuss. It’s truly the next big thing when it comes to vaping CBD, which is why we’re writing this preview to tell you all about it!

DOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape

The DOSE ISO-5 Disposable CBD Vape is a device that is simple, needs no instructions, and is completely automated. You simply inhale and enjoy both a well-crafted flavor and the benefits of an extra refined, pure CBD Isolate. It boasts a hard-bodied shell with smooth curves that are designed strictly for comfort.

Built around total convenience for the user, the DOSE Disposable CBD Vape comes fully charged, pre-filled with 1ml of 5% CBD Isolate, and is available in three different flavors to appease your tastes, including Mango, Berry, and Pear.

Dose CBD MangoDOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape Mango Flavor

The DOSE Mango Flavor delivers a tropical taste we’re sure you will want to revisit time and time again. It’s a sweet mango flavor that has been paired with a fresh group of peaches. The two come together perfectly and will create your best vaping experience yet.

Dose CBD BerryDOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape Berry Flavor

The DOSE Berry Flavor offers a little something more. It’s actually a delicious berry flavor that has been blended precisely with mint. The unusual pairing oddly compliments one another, delivering a cool and smooth taste you have to taste to believe.

Dose CBD PearDOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape Pear Flavor

The DOSE Pear Flavor is about as simple as it gets, and trust us on this, it doesn’t need any complexity to it. In this one, you’ll get a juicy green pear flavor, and we believe that will be enough to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes.


The DOSE Disposable CBD Vape is an outstanding device for vaping CBD. You don’t have to worry about carrying around bottles of CBD e-liquid, no worries filling a tank or pod, and it comes fully charged. To make it even more convenient, there aren’t any buttons, you don’t need any skill to operate it, and it is simple as inhaling and enjoying all that the DOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape has to offer. If you want a delicious vaping experience that has potent effects, along with extraordinary convenience, the DOSE ISO-5 Disposable Vape may be the best solution for you.