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Ethos Crispy Treats Ejuice 60ML $13.00

West Coast Vape Supply

For you crispy treat fans you’re going to like this deal where you can get the well-known Ethos Crispy Treat Ejuice 60ML bottle for just $13.00! Tackle just 60ML ejuice flavor for $13, get them all, or take advantage of the 3-Pack Bundle for $36 (comes out to be $12 per bottle). Experience each crispy flavor, which includes Ethos Blueberry Ejuice, Ethos Fruity Ejuice, Ethos Original Ejuice, Ethos Strawberry Ejuice or Ethos Green Apple Ejuice.

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  • Ethos Crispy Treats Ejuice 3-Pack Bundle (180ML): Ethos Original Ejuice, Ethos Strawberry Ejuice, Ethos Green Apple Ejuice
  • Ethos Blueberry Ejuice (60ML): A marshmallow and rice cereal flavored ejuice topped with fresh blueberries.
  • Ethos Fruity Ejuice (60ML): A crispy treat flavored ejuice mixed with delicious fruity pebbles.
  • Ethos Original Ejuice (60ML): A classic crispy treat flavored ejuice.
  • Ethos Strawberry Ejuice (60ML): A delicious strawberry marshmallow bar flavored ejuice.
  • Ethos Green Apple Ejuice (60ML): A mix of green apple and marshmallow flavored ejuice combined with rice cereal.


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Blake Brown

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