As a tobacco smoker, you’ve always had your preference of flavor. Though there wasn’t many flavor choices to choose from, the ones that do exist, you became used to and held dear. However, with this recent news, EU smokers might be a little upset for a forthcoming law.

Recently, the EU voted through new laws on tobacco cigarettes. This might not be so much of a surprise to some, but they’ve finally voted to ban the menthol variety from sale. Since the idea of medicinal electronic cigarettes was voted down, I’m sure EU is using this ban as a push towards quitting or e-cigs.

The new EU smoking laws also require 65% of cigarette packs to be covered by health warnings from 2014; up to 75% coverage was a possibility that was rejected. They’ve also decided against introducing a requirement of plain packaging or anything as severe as the¬†graphic photos¬†of smoking-related disease victims that some countries are turning to.