Today I will be reviewing a bottle of eVo Tropical Twister made by Nicopure Labs at 12mg nicotine strength. The e-liquid arrived in a plastic dropper bottle. I will be using a LavaTube at 5 volts and a low resistance atomizer for this review. Nicopure Labs describes the flavor as a complex blend of blueberry, lemon and coconut, twisted into one.


After first opening the e-liquid and giving it a quick smell, it has a strong scent of coconut with maybe a slight lemon addition. The taste of this flavor is definitely complex. I thought I was only getting the coconut and lemon but after a while I was able to notice the blueberry as well.

Throat Hit

Not much throat hit is going on with this e-liquid. It’s very smooth and doesn’t have a punch at all.

Vapor Production

As for vapor production, I’ve been getting decent sized vapor clouds, so this is good.


Overall, the flavor is awesome you get hints of each of the flavors in the blend. The throat hit is really smooth and light. The vapor production is also good, but I believe it could use some improving to the throat hit still. This is only a 12mg nicotine strength however, so this could and most likely is the issue with that. If you enjoy fruit flavors with no throat hit I’d definitely recommend you giving this e-liquid a try.


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