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Cuttwood Bird Brains E-Liquid Review

Since Cuttwood has already built up such a great rapport with consumers, I was excited to hear of its next addition to the Cuttwood line of e-liquid.  When I heard that the flavor was named “Bird Brains” and was targeted to taste like froot loops, I was super hyped, especially since I...

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Cuttwood Sugar Bear E-Liquid Review

Funny enough, I’ve never been a fan of cinnamon flavors, but after discovering Cuttwood’s e-liquid, that all changed and I became an immediate fan-boy of Cuttwood’s Sugar Bear.  To give you my detailed thoughts on this flavor, feel free to read my Sugar Bear E-Liquid Review...

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Cuttwood Monster Melons E-Liquid Review

What’s fascinating about Cuttwood is that there’s only 4 e-liquid flavors under the brand, yet they’re one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers on the market.  I’ve passed up trying this brand multiple times, at conventions and locally because I didn’t venture much...

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Vape Panda Lotus Petal E-Liquid Review

Though in the past I wasn’t too big on trying a lot of new brands, nor willing to venture far from my all day vapes, Vape Panda was one brand that I was very interested in trying since it has become such a big hit with friends locally.  That said, today you are viewing the Vape Panda Lotus...

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Black Mamba E-Liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Black Mamba E-Liquid from Pink Spot Vapors. I’ll be using a 2.2Ohm EVOD, powered by an eVic at 5 volts. This particular bottle is at my preferred 18mg. Upon my request, this Black Mamba is “On the rocks”, which means menthol is added. Pink Spot Vapors...

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Happy Ending E-Liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Happy Ending E-Liquid from Pink Spot Vapors. I’ll be using a 2.2 coil inside of an EVOD, receiving power from a eVic at 5 volts. The Pink Spot Vapors (PSV) website description doesn’t exactly tell you the flavor, but yet letting you decide for yourself and...

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eVo – Tropical Twister E-Liquid Review

Today I will be reviewing a bottle of eVo Tropical Twister made by Nicopure Labs at 12mg nicotine strength. The e-liquid arrived in a plastic dropper bottle. I will be using a LavaTube at 5 volts and a low resistance atomizer for this review. Nicopure Labs describes the flavor as a complex blend of...

Vape Juice Reviews

Blu-Spot E-Liquid Review

From the on-site reviews where customers rave about it, to this Guide To Vaping review, Pink Spot Vapors “Blu-Spot” is a fantastic flavor that leaves you in one of those bliss ‘finally found the perfect one’ moments. Today I’ll be reviewing a bottle of Blu-Spot E...



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