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Fume Vapor is a leading disposable vape brand in the United States that is based out of Florida. This disposable vape line is widely popular in the Sunshine State and offers a plethora of vape flavors and disposable vape models. 

Two popular Fume disposable vape devices are the Fume Ultra and Fume Extra. The two devices look identical at first glance. They are cylindrical, about the thickness of a roll of dimes.  The Ultra is 4 ½” tall from top to bottom, whereas the Extra is a little shorter, coming in at 4 ¼” from tip to bottom.


  • They are both fully wrapped up closed systems.  Nothing to fall off or break.  
  • No way to refill them or recharge them.
  • Both have a Nic strength of 50mg.
  • They have identical cylindrical bodies and duckbill drip tips.  
  • Both have smooth easy-grip wrapping.
  • Both are available in bright pastel colors.
  • Fume uses the same body color for each flavor across their lines.   



  • 4.5” tall x .75” wide with a black .5” duckbill drip tip glued to the top.
  • Long-lasting Battery – Guaranteed by Fume to last until the juice is exhausted.
  • 9 Airflow holes on the bottom arranged in a circular pattern.
  • Ring light on the bottom lights up brightly when you take a puff.
  • Matted soft plastic wrapper. Available in several pastel colors.
  • Quiet Draw – Silent, smooth, and consistent.


Manufactured by Fume, they are the company’s main product. They have become trendy worldwide since they hit the market in February 2022.  Vapor production is low to medium.  If I hit two simultaneously, I can get a healthy DTL.  Otherwise, you get a medium MTL with a medium amount of vapor on the exhale.

  • Identical form factor to the Ultra (except ¼” shorter)
  • Seamless Design- No buttons, charging ports, or cartridges
  • Quiet Draw – Silent, smooth, and consistent.
  • Long-lasting Battery – Guaranteed by Fume to last until the juice is exhausted. 

E-Liquid Content

  • The Unlimited comes with 14mL of 50mg Nicotine for an estimated 7000 Puffs.
  • The Infinity comes with 12mL of 50mg Nicotine for an estimated 3500 puffs.
E-liquid Capacity6ml8ml
Nicotine Strength50mg50mg
Nic Type SaltSalt
Battery (non-rechargeable)850mAh1000mAh
Airflow (non-adjustable)Nine holesNine holes
Ingredients: VG, PG, Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavors.


The two devices hit very similarly, and the flavors are almost identical, vaped from each of the two devices.  The most significant difference is juice capacity and battery life.  

Ultra – $16 (average) / 2500 puffs 

Extra – $12 (average) / 1500 puffs 


I picked a few flavors that both devices have in common to compare how each disposable approaches its juice flavor palate.  I also picked a few unique flavors for each to review.  

Both Ultra and Extra flavors were good. There are a few standout flavors, and both devices give a smooth, measured draw.  

Both Extra and Ultra: Banana Ice – Sweet banana and cool mint. The banana flavor is accurate, and the mixes are better when the ice overwhelms the banana in the Fume Unlimited and Infinity devices Ultra and Extra (50/50 ice to banana ratio).  In this case, the Banana Ice flavor tastes better from the Extra and Ultra devices than the larger Unlimited and Infinity from Fume.

Both Extra and Ultra: Pineapple Ice – Both devices provide a flavorful and accurate iced pineapple. The Ultra provided a touch more banana in the mix, and I prefer the taste to the Extra, which was less flavorful and tasted as if it had a higher ice ratio in the finished puff. 

Extra and Ultra: Bubblegum – The difference between the Extra and Ultra flavors is very similar to the results for Pineapple Ice.  Both flavors were sweet and tasty, but the Ultra eked out a little more of the bubblegum flavor I preferred.

Ultra: Coffee Tobacco – This was a favorite for many people here, but several people couldn’t get past the flavor smells from the drip tip sniff, so they never tried it.  In my opinion, the coffee compliments the tobacco just right.  The flavor is primarily coffee, with tobacco just underneath.  It is not icy or sweet.  This vape is savory and more substantial than most vape flavors.  If you love coffee and hit it, you will love this vape.  Don’t sniff the tip to decide; vape it, and it will win you over.  

Ultra: Rainbow Candy – It shouldn’t be hard to guess what candy they profiled this flavor after. It is a sweet, candied fruit-flavored vape with a medium amount of ice. I enjoyed the flavor and could puff it all day.  It is sweet and fruity enough to check those boxes for me. 

Ultra: Tangerine Ice – Not bad for the tangerine flavor.  I doubt anyone has ever nailed an excellent orange or tangerine fruit flavor, but this is close.  I added it here because this is a flavor I would love to love. It fell short in taste strength (I wanted more flavor).  It needed more sweetness and ice to help the fruit flavor pop.  On the other hand, if you are a vaper that cannot do ice and doesn’t care for sweet fruit, this is a decent tangerine-flavored vape. 

Extra: Cuban Tobacco – This is an excellent classic Cuban tobacco taste.  The sweet tobacco flavor is perfect for those transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.  I taste tobacco and a slight amount of maybe coconut.  Whatever they add provides a smooth classic tobacco flavor.  I am buying two now for myself and two for my daughter, who loves good tobacco vapes. 

Extra: Pink Lemonade – Easily one of my favorites from this line.  The Pink Lemonade tastes like little yellow lemon-flavored candies from my youth (which we are not allowed to name by brand). I will vape this all day and am buying two now.  

Extra: Strawberry – This vape reminds me of strawberry jam.  It is a sweet and accurate fresh strawberry flavor with a medium amount of ice to elevate it.  It is a good strawberry vape.  You do not come across an authentic sweet fruit flavor that the manufacturer doesn’t overcomplicate.  They always want to add other fruit flavors or too much ice.  Not in this case. This is a strawberry-flavored strawberry.


Both collections are good little vapes.  The flavors were as expected, tasting as they should according to their names.  The Ultra hit slightly harder than the Extra. It was almost undiscernible, but with enough side-by-side vaping, I noticed I consistently got a touch more flavor from the Ultra.  

In some cases, more flavor was a good thing, and sometimes the vape that provided a little less flavor was the ideal device according to the flavor juice it was cooking. A little more or a little less flavor will be a personal preference.  Fortunately, between these two devices, Fume has you covered.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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