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Grow Lights for Your CBD Indoor Garden – 6 Easy Guidelines

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CBD lovers are known to love to grow lights for their incredible benefits when gardening indoors. Indoor lights are perfect when your goal is to produce large yields of quality cannabis. They can take your CBD indoor garden to the next level. Here is a guideline for using grow lights in your indoor garden.

  • Understand the Benefits

The benefits of grow lights for your cannabis garden are endless. However, you are unlikely to enjoy them if you don’t know what they are. The lights are available for use in both commercial and residential properties. Some of their main benefits include:

  • Productivity
  • Standardized technology
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Third-party testing
  • Consider Lighting and Grow Space

Usually, your home garden will need 400-600W per m². If you are growing for commercial purposes, the number may be as high as 1000W+. Do not assume that filling up your CBD garden with grow lights will promote high yields. While you will receive a lot of light, more lamps also mean more heat. HID lamps give off more heat than other lamps. Adding just one unnecessary lamp can raise the temperatures dramatically.

  • Consider Safety and Plant Stage

The appropriate grow lights for your CBD indoor garden should match their age and stage. There are grow lights for every spectrum. It is also vital to ensure that you have sufficient power and outlets in your breaker board. Your plants must be able to grow comfortably without interference from the equipment. Think about all the critical parts of your equipment. They include fans, lights, a humidifier, and AC. Do you have enough space for them? How much power do they need? Since you will be running the equipment for weeks or months, you should be aware of the energy costs. It is also essential to confirm that you aren’t overloading your electrical outlets.

  • Determine the Best Lights for Your Indoor CBD Garden

Even though there are many types of grow lights, they aren’t always appropriate for your CBD garden. Generally, bright white lights are suitable for growing small vegetative plants. When growing an indoor CBD garden, LEDs are your best friend. They promote organic compound expression. Even though regular LED lights can serve as grow lights, they don’t provide enough light to grow an entire garden. An average 150 watt LED white light bulb may be enough to grow a small cannabis plant during its early stages. As the plant matures, its light needs to change. More light is required during the flowering stages. This is where grow lights come in. Consider getting more information about these lights on Learn about the different options before making your decision.

  • Consider Your Budget

Before growing lights for your indoor CBD garden, think about your budget. How much money can you afford to spend? Even though the legalization of CBD is quickly spreading, you don’t want to spend more on your CBD indoor garden than necessary. Your best option is to find the most appropriate lights at the best price possible.

Consider how frequently you’ll be growing CBD and how long it would take to pay off your initial investment. If, for example, you only grow once every year, you will take much longer to recover your investment than someone who gets multiple harvests.

The price of the grow lights is an important consideration, but it isn’t all that matters. Think about the cost of your monthly electricity bills and utilities as well. HIDS, for example, may be cheaper to buy but are highly inefficient. They emit a lot of heat, so you may spend a lot of time and money trying to cool the room.

  • Schedule Light Cycles for Optimal Yield


Scheduling light cycles when growing CBD indoors is important. Create a lighting plan that helps you reap the best benefits possible. Ensure that your indoor CBD garden gets just as much light as an outdoor garden. It should last an average of 60 days and is the ideal time for flowering. If you are unsure of the appropriate light cycles for your indoor CBD garden, consider seeking a professional opinion. 

Growing CBD comes with lots of benefits. It is not only fun but also a fantastic way of making money. By understanding life cycles, you can get a hearty harvest from your indoor CBD garden. Investing in the appropriate grow lights is always a good idea. For most farmers, it is necessary to experiment with a few options before establishing the most suitable choice. If you are a cannabis newbie who doesn’t need to waste time, get opinions from professionals.

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