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Who Are the Top Manufacturers of Cannabis Oil Today

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Cannabis is slowly being accepted for its medical properties all around the world. More and more countries are removing, or at least easing up restrictions on the production and sale of cannabis products. With less regulation come business opportunities.

Cannabis manufacturers are operating at full capacity in countries where cannabis is no longer illegal. Aside from cannabis itself, cannabis oil has also become one of the most popular products in this industry. Join us as we go over the top manufactures of cannabis oil on the market today.

CV Sciences

CV Sciences is one of the leading manufacturers of cannabis and cannabis adjacent products. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of tapping into the then-growing medical cannabis industry in the United States. As the regulatory landscape changed over time, this manufacturer successfully branched out to cover the rapidly growing consumer market. 

That being said, CV Sciences is still focused mainly on medical CBD products such as CBD oil, as well as other, non-psychoactive derivatives.

CV Sciences has grown to become a recognized leader in the cannabis industry. The company is held in high regard by its peers as well as high-level financial institutions. CV Sciences, along with several other leading cannabis manufacturers, was invited to attend the Golden Cannabis Day — an event organized by Roth Capital Partners.

The future of CV Sciences looks promising given their growing market share, as well as the emergence of new cannabis markets within the United States and abroad. This company is also making massive scientific contributions in the medical marijuana niche. Their in-house laboratories are constantly working on new products, new strains, and the development of more effective manufacturing processes.

Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs is one of the oldest companies working in the cannabis industry. The company was founded back in 1987 and has since participated in the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products. Today, Gaia Herbs is one of the largest suppliers of cannabis derivatives on the market. With an estimated annual revenue of $45.7 million, Gaia is considered a trusted source of quality cannabis products.

Ever since it was founded, this cannabis manufacturer insisted on strict quality control of all its products. Gaia Herbs’ cannabis plants are grown in strictly controlled environments. The company has always insisted on pesticide-free manufacturing of cannabis products, which is still the company policy.

Customers who decide to try Gaia Herbs’ products are getting a unique, high-quality CBD oil blend. This company isn’t dealing with private-label merchandise and is not found on Thomasnet CBD private label list. Gaia Herbs is oriented towards customers who value environmentally friendly, green businesses who are doing their best to change the world for the better.

Charlotte’s Web

Rarely has there a company that has had more impact on the development of CBD products than Charlotte’s Web. Founded by Stanley Brothers in Boulder, Colorado, Charlotte’s Web was one of the first companies to begin manufacturing a wide range of cannabis-derived products in the US. Their brand quickly grew as Colorado was among the first states to legalize the medical use of cannabis, and then the recreational use of cannabis.

What sets Charlotte’s Web aside from many other manufactures is its highly developed R&D division which is responsible for some of the most popular strains of cannabis on the market today. In fact, the Stanley Brothers’ research has led to the development of proprietary hemp genetics, which paved the way for Charlotte’s Web to step in and become one of the leading brands in the medical marijuana field.

The company is running FDA-registered labs and is practicing a very strict quality control process. Every part of the production chain is closely monitored and tightly controlled to avoid any potential fluctuations in product quality or delivery.

Medical Marijuana

cbd oils and rubs

Medical Marijuana is currently the largest manufacturer of cannabis oil, as well as other cannabis-related products. What sets this brand apart from the names listed above is its reach. Medical Marijuana is a holding that includes a number of smaller brands, all of which are operating in the cannabis industry. That being said, Medical Marijuana also operates outside the United States and is establishing manufacturing and export nodes in countries that have already legalized marijuana for various purposes.

The products offered by this brand include a wide range of medical cannabis derivatives, all kinds of CBD oil variants, and more. Medical Marijuana has gone a step further by introducing a number of services aimed at other marijuana manufacturers. The company offers support services and consulting services that have the potential to lift new marijuana businesses off the ground and help them become active players in the industry.

At the moment this list was written, Medical Marijuana had an annual revenue estimated at around $60 million, making them the largest marijuana manufacturer in the industry at the moment. Future projections show a steady increase in both revenue and market share as Medical Marijuana continues to branch out into other niches of the cannabis industry.

As far as their selection of CBD oils goes, Medical Marijuana offers a wide range of products catered to meet different customer demands. The company offers various levels of CBD potency, CBD oils aimed for use as beauty care products, medical CBD derivatives and so much more.

The Future of CBD Oil Industry

Recent years have been extremely favorable for the overall cannabis industry, but especially the non-psychoactive derivatives such as CBD oil. New research is being done on the effectiveness of CBD in treating various medical conditions, which will most likely be used as a Trojan horse to introduce cannabis legalization in countries that are showing interest in the deregulation of marijuana.

With that said, current CBD oil products are already growing in popularity everywhere. Non-psychoactive CBD oils are slowly appearing on the shelves in restrictive countries, as well as countries that have murky cannabis legislation. At the end of the day, the CBD oil industry is only going to grow as more consumers become exposed to the benefits of this product.

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