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Here lately I’ve been having to continuously explain the type of electronic cigarette I use and why I prefer it over another product. It seems like no matter where I go, I find myself explaining the same thing. I’ll be honest, it does get a little aggravating, especially when I have all of this information already written on this site, but I can’t resist helping a smoker switch to an awesome alternative. Since a lot of information is separated in different posts throughout the site, I’m going to answer one huge question that I get asked the most and hopefully this post will make things easier on me and you.

Just so you know, this is the products I personally use and recommend. Throughout my response, I will link words that will take you to a page where I’ve already explained what they mean. You can click on the product names to go to the websites I recommend you purchasing the product from.

GTV, What Products Do You Recommend and Why?

E-Cigarettes have grown since the days of cigarette look-a-likes. These days people are using larger e-cigs, called Mods, that enables them to control the power, which can increase or decrease vapor and throat hit. People also have moved onto clearomizers to vaporize their e-liquid, instead of a cartridge. Clearomizers have now become the standard when it comes to electronic cigarettes, and many starter kits now have them as well. E-Liquid can be purchased at a slew of places, but I suggest buying USA made e-liquid, and nothing pre-filled into a cartridge.

Gas Station Ecigs are very accessible and will give you a good idea of what kind of tastes you can get from using an electronic cigarette and what the vapor feels like in your mouth compared to tobacco smoke. However, I wouldn’t recommend them for long-term use. If you are serious about switching to electronic cigarettes and you want to be successful at it, purchase these products I recommend and if you dedicate yourself to this alternative, I can promise you’ll never want to smoke a cigarette for the rest of your life.

Recommended Electronic Cigarettes

Smaller Ecig: eGo-C Twist

The eGo-C Twist is about the size of a cigar and has the ability to be adjusted in power. It acts like a Mod, performs like a Mod, but looks like your standard eGo type e-cig. However, this e-cig has a much smaller battery than your typical big Mod, so don’t expect outstanding battery life.

Larger Ecig: iTaste MVP / MVP V2 (Version 2)

Update: New MVP 3 is available – GET IT HERE

The MVP is comparable to the size of a credit card, just thicker. Like the eGo-C Twist, the MVP has the ability to be adjusted in power also. However, there are other features to this device, like resistance level checking of your clearomizer, a puff counter that tells you how many puffs you have taken, along with safety features. One cool thing about the MVP is that you can charge your cell phone, mp3 player and other electronics from your MVP Mod. The MVP has a large battery inside it, so expect this Mod to last up to 2 full days, depending on use. If you’re wanting an e-cig that will last you for a long time and works flawlessly, the MVP is what you need to buy. I personally use the MVP everyday.

Recommended Clearomizers

Smaller Clearomizer: Aspire eGo Clearomizer

The Aspire eGo Clearomizer has become my favorite clearomizer to use. This is the part that holds the e-liquid and turns it into a vapor. I’ve found the Aspire to create the most vapor, while being the most consistent in delivering the e-liquid to the part of the clearomizer that turns the e-liquid into a vapor, also known as the coil. When you purchase this clearomizer, I recommend purchasing a 5-pack of replacement coils as well. I can honestly make 1 coil last me a whole month, but I usually replace it every two weeks. I personally use this clearomizer with my MVP Mod.

Larger Clearomizer: Aspire Nautilus

The Aspire Nautilus is a bit larger in size compared to the Aspire eGo Clearomizer. The Nautilus is a lot like the smaller clearomizer mentioned above, but with some design changes, it holds more e-liquid, and it allows you to alter the airflow you receive. With the Nautilus you can make the draw loose or tight, which can change the amount of vapor you pull in. Between these two clearomizers, the Nautilus is probably the better one. However, Aspire eGo Clearomizer is a lot cheaper, and performs close to the same. I recommend purchasing a 5-pack of replacement coils for the Nautilus also.

Recommended E-Liquid

Texas Select Vapor

I like e-liquid from Texas Select Vapor because they have some very delicious fruit flavors. Though they have tobacco flavors, I tend to enjoy flavors like Pearalyzing Peach, Juicy Peach and Vape The Rainbow, more. Texas Select Vapor has some of the best quality of e-liquid I’ve tasted, plus they’re a member of AEMSA, which gives me piece of mind. To top it all off, it’s USA made. I vape Texas Select Vapor e-liquid the most.

Pink Spot Vapors

Pink Spot Vapors has some very unique flavors, and very exciting and tasty flavors too. I also enjoy Pink Spot Vapors e-liquid a lot because of the good quality taste it has. When I order from Pink Spot Vapors, I get flavors like Rip Tide, Pink Spot, Gummy Bear, along with a few more. Just as a note, they also have some good tobacco flavors that many have raved about.

Vermillion River Ejuice

Vermillion River Ejuice is an outstanding e-liquid company. They have this very unique and distinct type flavor that I’ve never tasted from any other e-liquid vendor. Though I’m not big on tobacco, they’re known for their unique tobacco flavors. I have a friend that I helped switch to e-cigarettes and I recommended Vermillion River Ejuice to him, and he’s been vaping their tobacco flavors ever since (about 2 1/2 years now). If you’re wanting a tobacco flavor, this place won’t let you down.

MT Baker Vapor

Though I’ve never tried e-liquid from MT Baker Vapor, they’ve been talked about by many for their great flavors and very low cost e-liquid. This company actually won an award on Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013 event for being the Best E-Liquid Company. The reason why I recommend them is because they have a solid track record and their cost on e-liquid is the cheapest I’ve ever seen.

If you’re ever feeling dizzy, nauseous or any type of feeling where you think you’re getting too much nicotine, the next time you order e-liquid, order a lower nicotine strength. (or just vape less)

Note: If you go by these recommendations, you will be ordering the e-cig battery, the clearomizer, the clearomizer replacement coils, and e-liquid. After this initial purchase, the only thing you’ll have to purchase in the future is replacement coils and more e-liquid. Depending on how much you use your electronic cigarette, you shouldn’t need to buy e-liquid for another 2 weeks to a month (if you get a 30ml bottle, and it may be even longer). You won’t need to order another 5-pack of replacement coils for another 1 1/2 to 2 months (if you replace the coil every 2 weeks).

Here’s the deal… if you purchase these products and actually want to make the switch to e-cigarette, and devote yourself to only using the e-cig and not tobacco cigarettes, it will work. However, it won’t work if you give up easily. There may be problems or issues that arrive or many questions you’ll have to research, but if you start using these products the day that you get them and use them exclusively for 1 to 2 weeks, you’ll never want to touch a cigarette again. You’ll get some cravings for a tobacco cigarette, and that’s because you’re addicted to other chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. Remember, electronic cigarettes supply nicotine, not the other chemicals you’re used to ingesting. After that 2 weeks time, you’ll start to notice a difference… you’ll start to breathe better, your tastes will be increased, your coughs will begin to weaken and best of all, you won’t be harming yourself or anyone else around you.

I ask that you please give it all you got, use the products I recommended, and after two weeks time, come back to me and tell me that you’ve made the switch. I will let these comments below fill up so others can be inspired to do the same.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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