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Guide For Sweet Lovers: Top CBD Sweets You Must Try

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CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical naturally present in the Cannabis plant. Many people confuse CBD with THC but other than the fact the two chemicals are essential parts of the Cannabis plant’s genetic makeup they have nothing in common. CBD is non-psychoactive which means that you can use it without worrying about getting high or experiencing any intoxicating effects. In recent years and since Cannabis’ widespread legalization CBD products have started to be sold in grocery and health food stores. In particular, CBD sweets have gained a lot of popularity. Here are some of the types you should try:

Soft Gummies

Of all CBD sweets soft gummies are the most popular. Visit any health store or dispensary in the country and you will find them there. If you are interested then you can buy them now at rather than trawling the internet or searching local stores. Why are gummies popular you ask? The answer is that they are highly effective and fast-acting. Other CBD products can take hours to take effect whereas gummies can be felt in under half an hour.

It is worth noting that not all gummies are of the same quality and standard. Some contain very small amounts of CBD which makes taking them pointless. Unless you are only interested in gummies purely because you have a sweet tooth you need to find a brand selling products that have a lot of CBD in them. It makes no sense to use CBD as a healthcare treatment if you are not going to take products rich in the chemical. Before buying any product whether it is a gummy or hard candy make sure that you read its reviews. A product’s reviews can tell you a lot about it.

Hard Candies

Hard candies are many people’s favorite type of sweet. In houses across America, there are bowls of hard candy sitting on reception tables right now. Because of the popularity of hard candies, it should not surprise you that they are one of the most commonly purchased types of CBD sweets there are. However, the downside to hard candies is that because they are boiled sometimes they are not the strongest. The high temperatures used in preparing them can cause CBD loss which makes them a little bit weaker than soft gummies and other sweets.

Something else you should know is that hard candies are basically just pure sugar. If you are diabetic or are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, avoid hard candies. Soft gummies contain a lot less sugar than them because they are made using many other ingredients. If you look at the back of a packet of hard candy you will see they are comprised of sugar and not much else. Most hard candies do not even have flavorings added to them because they are so sugary that they taste good on their own. Hard candies can also be a little bit more expensive than soft gummies due to demand.

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Baked Goods

Baked goods are not technically sweets but since they contain large amounts of sugar and are snacked on in the same way as hard candies and soft gummies they deserve to be mentioned. For years people have been baking CBD and sometimes even THC products. When baked THC actually becomes a lot more potent and can produce highs more akin to hallucinogenic drugs than an ordinary Cannabis high. If you plan on consuming THC in the baked form then bear in mind that it can be very intense; if you are new to the chemical then it is unwise to consume large amounts.

One of the best things about baked CBD goods is that you do not technically have to purchase them yourself. If you are on a budget then you can just bake them. All you need to bake CBD is an oven and ingredients. The ingredients used are probably already in your baking cupboard. You can find an endless amount of recipes and guides online designed to help people bake tastier CBD products. Be very careful about dosage if you are baking your own goods. Do not much too much CBD in or you could end up overdosing.

Sugary Drinks

Lastly, CBD is commonly used as an ingredient in sugary ‘health drinks.’ Sugary drinks can be very tasty but they are far from healthy. The healthiest sweet you can buy that contains CBD is a soft gummy. Soft gummies can even be purchased sugar-free.

CBD is one of the most promising healthcare treatments there is; it can be used for a range of different things from cancer to diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease. If you are planning on using it then why not consume it as a tasty sweet? As this post shows there are many different types.

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