Electronic Cigarettes mimic regular cigarettes by reproducing the oral fixation and delivering the nicotine and flavor without the harmful burning of the tobacco leaf, which produces TAR and many life threatening chemicals. The electronic cigarette warms e-liquid up to a temperature that vaporizes into a mist that is inhaled the same as a regular cigarette. When exhaled, this vapor dissipates into the atmosphere, not leaving nasty smoke smells on you or things around you.  Do not take part in any GuideToVaping giveaways if you are not of the legal age to use tobacco products in your place of residence or you are under the age of 18.  All products and/or items in the GuideToVaping giveaway are donated for gifting the vape community, not purchased nor traded.  GuideToVaping.com has no control over the product and/or items donated in the giveaway nor does GuideToVaping.com warrant or should be liable.


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  1. I to am a new vap user. I live in Kalispell, MT. Our choices of product our very limited and because of that prices are outrageously high. Until now. This site and many others have added to my choices and positive experience of products. This enables me to try new products without the guilt of buying over priced items. Thank you so much you’ve made vaping for me and people I’ve directed to these sites such a fulfilling experience. I appreciate all this info in one place and so very affordable.

  2. Sounds great, but looks like the links are dead? Or does this count as this month’s entry?
    Loving this website. I’m vapin’ on a budget so the discounts section has helped a lot. My house got robbed recently, and I guess the hoodlums just took anything easily carried and apparently valuable…including several batteries and even the bulk of my premium juices! So thanks for helping me rebuild my collection before I relapse altogether.
    Love the reviews as well! Thanks!