Today I will be reviewing an 6ml bottle of Hard Lemonade from It’s said to have a pucker up lemon taste with a small twist of cranberry. All VermillionRiverEJuice e-liquid is a blend of 30-40% VG and 60-70% PG. For this review I will be using my 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8ohm bauway atomizer.

Upon first opening the bottle and having a quick smell of it, it smells just like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. After giving it a few trys I came to┬árealize┬áthat they did a really good job mixing this liquid to mask the hard lemonade beverage. It tastes and smells almost exactly like it. The lemon is there but diluted mildly so it’s not an overpowering lemon as if you were eating a lemon, which is the same taste you get with the beverage. I don’t taste the mild cranberry at all, but I hate cranberries so it made it all that much better for me personally. It may be what’s diluting the lemon in this juice after all. The throat hit I’ve been getting is very smooth and mild, not harsh at all. I’ve also been getting a decent amount of vapor so that is a plus with this juice.

Overall I’d have to say they did a very good job mixing this liquid and as I said previously everything about it from smell to taste is almost spot on with a hard lemonade beverage. The throat hit is smooth, definitely not as harsh as I’d like, which is the only real downside of the liquid for me. The vapor production is fairly good, you get quite a bit. I’d recommend this e-liquid to anyone who enjoys the fruit flavors or even the taste of beverages like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I’m sure you will love this one.

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