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“Health Effects of Vaping Unknown” – Let’s Cash In On What We Do Know

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As I plunder through the many headlines of ecig related content, though all being different, they’re all relatively the same with spun words that deliver the same message.  What we’re currently facing with the latest electronic cigarette news is what we’ve become some-what used to, with high paid PR firms blasting away at the industry’s still new and crippled body.  Electronic cigarettes lack research in some areas, while other areas have become very bright and known. While each new study offers a promising future, those against us are bloating the stream of headlines letting the public know that the long-term health effects of vaping are still unknown.

Indeed, this is their “plan b” when all else fails. Those against electronic cigarettes and the use of know this is something we can’t defend, simply because knowing the long-term effects of vaping will ultimately rely on time.  However, we’re not one’s to easily lay down and take a beating, so in the mean time let’s cash in on what we do know.  Today, we’ll list some of the science behind ecigs that you may have overlooked or didn’t know about.

2012: The Prominent Side of Nicotine <- Shows nicotine isn’t as evil as what they make it seem like.

2012: Study – Results For Vapor Versus Smoke <- Shows that vapor is less harmful than smoke.

2012: Study – Ecigs and Air Quality Safety <- Shows the air quality of vapor isn’t near as harmful as smoke.

2012: Study – Ecigs and 2nd Hand Vapor <- Shows there was no harm found in exhaled vapor.

2012: Study – Ecigs and Cardiac Function <- Shows e-cigarette use poses no risk of heart disease.

2013: Study – Low Levels of Carcinogens and Toxicants <- Shows that toxic levels were significantly lower than what’s found in smoke.

2013: Study – Ecigs Primarily Used To Quit Tobacco <- Shows that ecigs are primarily used as an alternative to quit using tobacco.

2013: Study – Ecigs Help People Stop Smoking <- Shows that ecigs help people stop smoking

2013: Study – E-Liquid Makes The Grade <- Shows that e-liquid is as good, quality wise, as everyone claims.

2013: Study – Propylene Glycol Might Keep Us Healthy <- Shows propylene glycol may be a powerful deterrent against certain illnesses when vaporized and inhaled.

2013: Study – Efficiency and Safety of An Ecigs As Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute <- Shows ecigs hold promise for reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, and can lead to enduring tobacco abstinence.

2013: Study – Half of Smokers Have Used An Ecig At Least Once <- Shows that smokers are trying ecigs and many continuing with them.

2013: Study – New Findings on Ecig Use <- Shows that smokers who use ecigs to quit smoking tend to be younger and more motivated.

2013: Study – Chemicals In Ecigs Pose Minimal Heath Risk <- Shows vapor poses no health concern to users or bystanders.

2013: Study – Ecigs As Good As The Patch <- Shows that ecigs are just as good as the patch, if not better.

2013: Study – Ecigs Are Not A Gateway To Smoking <- Shows that ecigs do not act as a gateway to tobacco/smoking.

2013: Study – Exciting Study Results Prenseted To The FDA <- Shows that “new-generation” devices deliver more nicotine than cig-a-likes and tobacco cigarettes still deliver more nicotine puff-for-puff.

2014: Study – 63% of Public Okay With Vaping <- Shows that the majority of the public is okay with people vaping around them.

2014: Study – Survey Proves Benefits of Ecigs <- Shows that there are great benefits with the use of ecigs.

2014: Study – Ecigs A Valid Option For Asthmatic Smokers <- Shows that using ecig is a valid option for smokers who are asthmatic.

2014: Study – Ecigs Less Addictive Than Cigarettes <- Shows that using ecigs is less additive than using tobacco cigarettes.

The truth is, all of these studies prove the many benefits that ecigs offer as an alternative to smoking.  However, in the eyes of those who are against us, it’s just not enough.  We’ll always face those that aren’t ready for change and those who have been corrupted by money, but in time their arguments will dwindle, just as it has with each new study you see on this page.  Until then, you should feel comfortable as a vaper and openly share this information with your friends and family… just look at it as a way of cashing in on what we already know.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. I have noticed a elevated level of BP that started with vaping and read a few posts on that I was a 10 to 12 cigarette a day smoker I used 8mgs of juice 5mls a day and my ecig, well my tank is a Aspire Nautilus have you heard of a rise in BP because of vaping.. I went from my BP being 100/70 to 125/85 in the time I started vaping, nothing else has changed.. I know you are not a doctor just curious if you have heard about any changes in BP because of vaping.
    Thank you Patricia

  2. Patricia,

    I haven’t heard of anything regarding blood pressure and vaping. Has something changed in your diet perhaps? More coffee maybe?

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