Burdensome FDA Regulations came to be under the Obama era, but the Trump administration has delayed enforcement of the new FDA rules. During this delay, a house panel is once again trying to exempt e-cigs from the Food and Drug Administration rules. Legislation approved by the Republican-controlled Appropriations Committee prevents the FDA from requiring retroactive safety reviews of e-cigs already available on the market. However, e-cigs or vaping products introduced in the future would face those safety reviews.

The issue here is that the FDA rules would destroy¬†most, if not all, small businesses because they wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive regulatory reviews. When the FDA made its rules public, many brick and mortar shops, online stores, and even popular e-cig manufacturers closed doors, ProVape being one of them. There is hope that this new development from the Trump administration would roll back the Obama regulations. Since Trump stepped into office, the vaping industry has seen a slight shift in the playing field, and the industry now has some top officials in its corner. This has brought a lot of hope to both vapers and business owners within the sector.

Rep. Sanford Bishop, a co-sponsor of the plan, said that “E-vapor products are 95 percent less harmful than combustible cigarettes, and I want to help people in our country, America, to cycle of cigarettes”

Once upon a time vaping and the industry would only receive negative headlines and those only against vaping and the benefit that it offers. However, now we’re faced with great news, headlines to empower this remarkable creation that has already saved so many lives and a restored hope throughout the United States.

Credit: PBS | Should e-cigarette be exempt from FDA rules? A House panel says yes