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How American Cannabis Retailers Are Elevating Customer Experiences

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Customer experience is the mainstay of retail success, and the same rule applies to cannabis retailers. You may have a great product offering, but nothing matters more than how you treat your customers. The moment they step in, they should feel special so that they connect with your business and stay loyal. There are no secrets to great customer experiences, yet retailers often fall short of expectations. If you fail to improve, you may end up struggling for retention in the competitive landscape. Here are some measures that successful American cannabis retailers rely on for taking CX to the next level.

Expand product portfolio

Cannabis is among the industries that have emerged as winners amid the pandemic. Demand has witnessed an uptick, and the consumer base is growing. But everything boils down to matching buyer expectations with quality and variety. Consumers want to experiment with a range of products, from infused edibles to drinks, concentrates, topical products, and more. Expanding your product portfolio takes you a long way, so make sure you keep up with trends and demand.

Integrate online selling

Integrating online selling to the in-store model is essential if you wish to go the extra mile with customer experience in the new normal. Provide buyers with options to explore menus and order products through an e-commerce website. Further, give them the alternatives of curbside pickup and doorstep delivery. You will have an additional revenue stream and keep the sales churning even if foot traffic drops. Moreover, you can include product education on your website in the form of a blog.

Ensure safe in-store shopping

Besides offering the e-commerce option, ensure the safest in-store shopping when customers drop in. The best place to start is by implementing social distancing norms for buyers and employees. Self-service kiosks and queue management takes safety a notch higher. Implementing a POS solution like parsl shows your intention to prioritize customer safety. It enables contactless payments on the curbside and doorstep, making it relevant in the new normal. POS integration also helps with maintaining customer databases so that you can personalize their future experiences. 

Streamline back-end operations

Great customer experience is also about streamlining the back-end operations in your dispensary. For example, robust inventory management ensures that products are never out of stock. Likewise, good storage practices go a long way in maintaining the quality and integrity of your products. You have to be great with hiring, onboarding, and training your employees to facilitate excellent customer experiences.

Provide product education

Although cannabis is legal now, consumers are still apprehensive about trying new products and strains. You can do your bit by providing product education and awareness to help them make confident buying decisions. Have seasoned budtenders educate the buyers about cannabis strains, product options, benefits, dosage, and precautions. Consider it as an add-on for in-store shopping for buyers. 

Although cannabis retail is rife with opportunities, the competition in the industry makes it challenging to navigate. Success boils down to making extra efforts with customer experiences. Following these tips can take you a long way, so embrace them to get bigger and better.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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