There were many of you that shared to us that your Mini Volt suddenly stopped working.  No worries though, today I’m going to share how to fix the COV Mini Volt Mod!

Being that I recommended this product to our viewers during the COV Mini Volt Review, I would like to apologize if you by chance purchased it and began having issues. No doubt, this device won me over easily, and sometimes later down the road these devices aren’t all they were cracked up to be.  For example, I used the Mini Volt for about a month or two everyday before even reviewing it, then just another month or so after sharing the review, my mod suddenly stops working also (after publishing the review, some viewers shared theirs stopped working after some time).

cov mini volt whiteMany of you thought your mod was dead for good, but there is a possibility that you can bring it back to life.  I contacted Council of Vapor and asked how to fix this issue, and here are the steps they gave me.

  1. Charge the Mini Volt for 15 minutes (don’t try to turn it on after).
  2. Let the Mini Volt sit for 15 minutes.
  3. Click the fire button 5 times to turn the Mini Volt on.
  4. If those steps do not work, fill out this form and send the mod in for repair.

It’s as simple as that.  I followed those instructions and magically my Mini Volt turned back on as if nothing ever happened.  I don’t know what may have caused the Mini Volt to stop working, but I’m going to speak with COV and see if they can give us tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.


  1. VaporJoe (of the VU) reported a similar problem and a similar solution. Seems that the mod does not play well 2 amp wall warts… charge the device with a 1 amp charger and, supposedly, all will be well. I have not had this issue.

  2. Thanks, it’s working now.
    Mine failed before I used it. I got kit, added juice, connected, the display to light up showing 40w, plugged in the charger, then left it a while to let the juice soak up, maybe 1/2 hour. When I tried to vape, nothing. Disconnected and reconnected the charger, nothing. 5-clicks, nothing. I messed with it clicking and charging a while, then found this thread.

    1. Charged for 5-10m (on a wall charger)
    2. Disconnected for 5m (maybe a little less)
    3. Clicked 5 times, works (magic)

  3. I’ve had a this happen 2 or 3 times. My own assumption was similar to the solution here. And it’s still going well despite hiccups.
    I’m less happy with the tank that came with the mod. The paint or coating came off after a couple of weeks. COVs offer to replace relied on me posting it to the, from Australia. Not ideal.

  4. WONDERFUL. Just purchased my mini volt at the end of March and have had no problems with it. Today I plugged it in to charge and when I unplugged it it was dead. Found your remedy and it worked like a charm. Thank so much!

  5. I received my mini volt today and put it on charge for a little while even though it would have been fine to use straight away. I turned on and the screen is stuck on “Low Battery”. i can not change screens or anything, even put back on charge etc and still froze on “low battery”
    What can i do to get back to normal?? i have not even used it which is sooooo annoying!!


  6. Do you have a “No Atomizer” fix please? Why does this happen in the first place when one minute it’s working fine then the next it has decided to stop?? We have taken the juice out, taken it all apart, cleaned everything thoroughly, moved the pin so it’s in the middle & up a bit, put it all back together with juice but still not working? This has happen a few times before but normally starts working by now!! We are abroad so need a quick fix please!! Would be much appreciated

    • All I can tell you is to ensure that there is a solid connection, with either the 510 or the coil inside the base itself. Other than that, I suggest contacting Council of Vapor. They’ve had some issues with this device, that’s for sure. Mine worked great for a while, but then it started giving me trouble as well. There is a new V2 version that is supposed to have fixed these issues.

  7. Hi Blake, I got the same problem and try to fix it with the 3 steps mentioned above. Unfortunately, its does not solve the issue. Mine is Mini Volt V2. I’m from Malaysia and hard for me to send back the unit back to USA. Any advice?

    • Guys, just had this happen to me now. Giving the 15 mins charge workaround a shot. Been noticing that the display has said ‘low battery’ for the last few days, even though its been on charge for an hour. On the 3rd fire, the message went off

  8. Mine never reaches over 2 bars of batery charge and it leaks… im very disappointed because i spent all my money on it. Ill try charging 15 mins and leaving it then but has anybody got tipps to stop the leaking? Thanks

  9. Got mine today and it worked for about 30 minutes. Plugged it in and said charging. But I went to eat, came back and it wouldn’t turn on. It turned off before then while I was vaping. I thought it had just died but it won’t turn back on. Tried everything. I’ve searched for everything and don’t know what to do. I don’t have time to send it in and get it fixed. I need help

  10. My brand new CoV mini volt x box (gunmetal) keeps resetting to 40w as did previous new one – is there an issue, you’re aware of, with this model? CoV replaced first one but just want some feedback before I contact them again!