Looking for a solution on how to fix the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning? We’ve got an in-depth how-to that’s sure to help you fix your Aegis, Aegis Mini, or Aegis Legend Mod in no time!

While GeekVape has a fascinating arsenal of products under its belt, including its popular Aegis Mod series, there are well more than a handful of GeekVape customers that are disgruntled due to a problem that is becoming consistent throughout the series. Although quality control can often raise a concern with the non-stop outpour of products that make their way to the market, it’s very rare for a manufacturer to release a product that is faulty, especially since extensive testing is conducted by GeekVape before these products are set for release.

A lack of testing and reviews may be something that you would expect from any other brand, but certainly not GeekVape. However, it is common in any industry for there to be a few mishaps amongst the thousands of units that are being manufactured each month, so keep that in mind. For those of you that are over with the “fixes” on mods, you may want to consider disposable vapes, such as the Hyde Mag Recharge Disposable Vape.

GeekVape Aegis Legend

To dial in on the vape issue, users are experiencing the “No Coil Detected” warning that appears on the display of the GeekVape Aegis, GeekVape Aegis Mini, and GeekVape Aegis Legend. At the time of creating this post, there are no indications that other devices suffer from this same issue, such as the GeekVape Blade and GeekVape Nova. However, our spidey-senses are telling us that users of those devices are also facing the same issues. Due to this widespread warning that seems to have affected many GeekVape customers, they’re taking to the Support Forum on the GeekVape website and expressing their feedback… and it definitely isn’t positive.

Since there are tons of GeekVape customers being affected by this GeekVape No Coil Detected warning, and unfortunately, a lack of customer support, Guide To Vaping feels the need to do what it does best, which is to provide vaping content that’s designed to help vapers.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to fix the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning so that you’ll get back to using your device in no time! This information can be applied to all GeekVape devices, but more importantly the ones we’re focusing on today, the GeekVape Aegis, GeekVape Aegis Mini, and GeekVape Aegis Legend. For those of you who have made their way here for a general, no coil detected warning fix, you can either use this information or visit our How To Fix A Coil Connection Issue post, which has received more than 114 thousand views.

How To Fix The GeekVape No Coil Detected Warning

Before we begin, we first need to make you aware that when you receive the GeekVape No Coil Detected warning, the culprit is often a connection issue between the device, tank, or atomizer, and the actual coil. Although blaming the manufacturer for a product that simply isn’t working as intended, since it’s the easiest thing to do, most times it’s an issue that isn’t necessarily caused by the manufacturer. However, there is a slight chance that a product is faulty. If this post doesn’t help, we advise that you reach out to the store you’ve purchased the device from and return it while explaining the issue.

The Causes of The “No Coil Detected” Warning

The Mod: In many cases, it is indeed the mod that causes the No Coil Detected warning. However, with devices like the GeekVape Aegis Legend, it’s a very seldom occurrence. The reason why is because the Aegis Legend has a Spring-Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection, meaning the center pin will remain at its highest position until it’s pressed in. When you receive the No Coil Detected warning and it’s an issue related to the mod, it’s often an issue with the center pin in the 510 connector. Since the pin in the Aegis Legend is spring-loaded, the only way the mod can be the cause of the issue is if the pin got stuck in its lowest position somehow.

The Tank: A lot of the times a No Coil Detected warning isn’t arising due to the mod, it’s because of the tank or atomizer. Even though the mod may have a spring-loaded center pin within the connector, the tank’s 510 threaded connector may not be making contact with that center pin. This can happen for several reasons, such as the 510 connection not being long enough, the tank not being screwed in enough, the pin on the tanks connector not protruding enough from the connector, or a simple case of there being grime and debris that has lodged its way into the connector, preventing the two parts to making a solid connection.

The Coil: While many people often overlook the part that a coil head plays into this problem, it is usually the culprit when all else has been checked off. You may very well see a No Coil Detected warning on your device, and it’s possible that it isn’t a problem with your mod, it isn’t a problem with your tank, but instead a problem with the coil head. You see, this No Coil Detected warning is all about a connection issue, so somewhere there are two pieces that aren’t making a solid connection. You’ve checked the mod’s 510 connection, you’ve checked the tank’s 510 connection, and now the only thing left is to check the coil head, which is just another part of the entire circuit. When dialing in that it isn’t any of the above, it’s more than likely that the coil head isn’t screwed in enough, a seal may be broken on the coil, the bottom connector part of the coil head isn’t making a connection, or the actual leads from the coil, inside the coil head, aren’t making a connection.

The No Coil Detected Check List

Mod Issue

  • Inspect the connection on your mod and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Use a toothpick or a combination of a toothpick and paper towel to dig around the center pin to remove any debris and ensure it moves freely.
  • Inspect the bottom base of the tank, where the coil makes a connection to the base, and make sure the area hasn’t been disturbed.

Tank Issue

  • Inspect the connection on your tank and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Use alcohol and clean the bottom connection to ensure there isn’t any debris that could prevent a solid connection.
  • Inspect the bottom pin on your tanks 510 connection to ensure that it’s protruding enough to make a solid connection.

Coil Head Issue

  • Inspect the coil head and make sure it doesn’t look disturbed or different than normal.
  • Make sure the coil head is screwed in enough to make a contact with the bottom base of the tank.
  • Even being screwed in enough, make sure the coil head is making contact with the tanks bottom base.
  • Sometimes when a seal breaks on the coil head, it can make the coil head sit differently, resulting in a faulty connection. Make sure the seals are intact, not only to avoid a connection issue but to also avoid a leaking issue.
  • Make sure the connection points or coil leads are intact and seated properly. Sometimes the connection points will cross over to the opposing polarity. One lead is supposed to touch the positive side of the circuit, which is normally the 510 pin at the base, and the other isn’t supposed to be anywhere near it. If you notice the positive post coming out from beneath the insulator and arcing to the negative side, pull the pin out, adjust the wire, and put it back together. If you’ve managed to do this fix for the coil head, we highly recommend that you insert the coil back into the tank and check it on an ohm meter.


  1. What a bag of shit. It has nothing to do with the tank . It is a mod problem . 90% of people switch the blame to the tank, guess what it’s not .. Theses mods aegis geek will do the “no coil detected” at some point without failure 100% then you need to bung that £80 mod in the bin.. This is bs and this company have a built in program that will fail at some point forcing you buy another .. customer service is none existent you get ignored .. SIMPLE PEOPLE DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. you might as well stick your money on a 3 legged horses to win the national.. better odds .

    • i looked at mine and found that my smok beast kings pin isnt long enough with most of the coils as it works with the prince tank. but a heat sink can resolve the issue but i put an o ring on the end of the coi connection and it fixed the problem in a heart beat…

    • Most likely, you didn’t follow the RMA directions. Photo of your receipt, photo or video of the mod / issue. authenticity number and photo of the security sticker. I highly recommend geekvape for OUTSTANDING customer service! I have 2 being shipped to me now, all I had to do was follow RMA procedures. Sure, these mods can have problems, but to be honest, they take a lot of abuse. I’ve dropped mine several times a day and dropped it into the bath tub a time or 3. The fact that I still get a display at all is an indication of how tough these mods are. I still don’t know the fix to this issue, but I know about 510 pins and atomizers and shorts in the atomizer, coil mounting etc. You can find me at vapingunderground/forums user gbalkam. So I am hardly a noobie to vaping. This issue has me baffled, but I haven’t opened the mod yet to inspect inside. I am leaning toward an internal 510 pin issue inside the mod, and underneath the top cover, from being dropped and landing flat on the bottom. Just speculation at this point. I will continue to purchase this mod from this company, until something better comes along.

    • Yea, its definatly the mod, my 3 tanks all work on my swell mod i baught as a replacement and all 3 of my tanks still say no coil detected on my ledgend. A $135.00 piece of junk! I did work great until that issue though but only lasted 13 days past the 3 mont warrenty!

  2. I have tried all my 12 atomizers and none of them worked. I bought this Aegis Legend mod for about 4 months before it suddenly stopped working. I checked the 510 connections of both my atomizers and the box by unscrewing and pushing down the gold plated pin. But still I cant use it. I’m not buying again from Geek Vape. It’s really not worth it.

    • I found it quite useful, to recheck my previous steps in trouble shooting before contacting geekvape, who by the way, is sending me a new mod. Every contact I have had with them indicates they live by the motto “The customer is always right”

  3. My mod is 2.5 weeks old i was using a herakles tank on it then i got the no coil detected. Connect vapegeek the lady is playing games with me. Saying send me a video i have 3 damn times. They wont answer a fucking phine i will NEVER BUY FROM THEM EVER.

  4. Sorry, but it’s definitely the mods, not the tank or the coil. I thankfully have one non-Geekvape mod (and obviously need to get more). The two tanks whose coils I just swapped out (Fireluke 2 & Falcon King) BOTH gave me “no coil detected” warnings/no-fires” on ALL THREE of my Geekvape mods (2 Novas–yes, the Novas are affected–and one Aegis Mini). I futzed with the tanks, swapped out the Fireluke 2 coil AGAIN to make sure it wasn’t a coil issue (nope; sorry, but getting three faulty coils for 2 completely different tanks in a row defies probability), so I pulled out a Pico Dual I really only bought because I’m hoarding mods & juice until the vaping-ban madness has passed. And, whaddya know? It had no problem at all noticing there was a coil attached to it & id-ing the ohms correctly. On both tanks that none of my 3 Geekvape mods could find.

    Thank God for that impulse Pico mod purchase, or i’d have no mods to use my perfectly good tanks and coils on. Now i do — because I had a non-Geekvape mod in a drawer. (I’m only 2 months off cigarettes, so, seriously, TG for that spare mod.

    It’s obviously staying handy while I contact GV’s CS and see if they reimburse me for the three paper-weights I bought from them in the past 2 months.

    But, Blake, it’s not the tanks and it’s not the coils. It’s the Geekvape “no working mod detected” issue; it does happen to the Nova–or in my case, TWO Novas, not bought at the same time; and the fix is to put the tank & coil on a mod that works.

    My Pico Dual is hitting those tanks & coils like they are just fine. Which they are, and were.

      • Blake,

        I understand that you are trying to be helpful. And, having just read through a year of (unanswered) complaints about this issue on the GV site “Questions” area, I would suggest you do the same. [ https://www.geekvape.com/question/no-coil-detected/ ] Not just with their Geekvape Aegis mods but with the Blade and the Geekvape Gbox Squonk Mod and in my case of course both my new Nova mods.
        there are certainly connection issues, but only a tiny fraction involved the atomizer. The people who managed to fix the problem overwhelmingly did so by opening up the mods and fix issues inside it themselves. Like soldering broken wires back on the motherboard or back together where they broke in the middle. Or at least finding a tiny starheaded screwdriver to open up the top plate of the mod around the connection “well,” and tightening loose internal nuts, physically pushing up the mod connector pin from the inside, or for those unwilling or unable to open up the mod, artificially lengthening the pin from the outside by placing small balls of tin foil on top of it and then screwing their tanks back on. The spring-loaded pins in the mod connection often seem to get stuck in the down position–now that I just looked, this is true of all 3 of my Geekvape mods–hence the success of the tinfoil hack. Here’s what another successful DIY repairer of his Solo found: “I had the same problem as everyone here after 2 days of use. I was prepared to go back to the shop to give it back in the morning. In the meanwhile i took a Torx screwdriver and i removed the 3 screws from the top metal disc (where the atomiser screws in) with the intention of removing the disc to look for bad connections but the disc wouldn’t come off. After removing the 3 screws, i’ve put back the atomiser and give it a try. Surprize, it worked. then i started to put back the screws. First it was the one in line with the display (the one in front let’s say). Still no NO COIL message. It was after i screwed in the 2nd screw, the message appeared back. So now it’s left with only one screw. I think that the screws are too long (at least 2 of them) and they touch something inside or the metal disc presses on some connection.
        So tomorrow i will cut a few mm from the 2 screwed screws to see if it will work.
        I don’t know if it will work for everyone but at least it worth to try. Hope you get back vaping soon. Message to the manufacturer: Put shorter screws or look around them on the inside to see what causes this issue with almost all of the Aegis Solo.” Then at the other end of the DIY mod repair spectrum, “I fixed mine by opening the top (3 tiny stars) and the tightening the 3 tiny screws that held the 510 connector pin to the wiring. Worked like a charm. You will have to order a tiny driver set.”

        Now, this is interesting, & I forgot to mention it above: All three of my Geekvape mods do still work with ONE only of my tanks, the Geekvape Cerberus tank that came with the Nova mods as a kit. I looked at its 510 connector pin, and it is different than my other (working fine on other mods) tanks’. The GV Cerberus tank has a little button on top where the other tanks’ 510 connector pins are flat. Someone else also noticed that he had the “no coil detected” problem only after using non-GV tanks on a GV mod (Blade) and then trying to switch back to their GV tank (. (Of course, many, many, many had the issue within days of receiving their mods, after they first recharged the battery(ies). Others needed to roll back the firmware, which alas is only an option for the Legend and whatever GV is calling “the ) But the need to lengthen the connection pin in the mod, NOT re-insert the screws holding the plate around the connection well or alternately tighten down the internal screws, the “put a little ball of foil on top of the pin on the mod and then screw in your tank on top of that, and one person’s fix of attaching a little piece of metal to the connector on the bottom of his tank to lengthen its pin to get it to work with his GV mod specifically, and my problem that my 2 Novas and Mini don’t recognize any of my working tanks other than Geekvape’s own Cerberus tank, whose connector pin is visibly different from all my other tanks’ in having that extra little bump on top of its connector pin, suggest that yes, there are connection problems. With the mods. Hence all the posts reporting failure of fixes assuming the problem is with the tank coil. One exceptionally annoyed customer wrote that he had 20 tanks that all worked on other mods; another that all the tanks that his GV mod couldn’t see worked fine on his Sigilei, another that his tanks all worked fine on his wife’s SnowWolf mod, and then of course there’s me. Who can use my new Falcon Tech tank fine but only on my non-GV mods, which unlike any of my GV mods manage to make fine connections with it whether it’s clean as a freshly serviced BMW or greasy all over with juice. Or I can use the GV Cerberus tank that GV offers with its “full kits” on any of my mods including the GV ones, reliably even if I just changed the coil or the tank bottom and the connector well on the mods are soaked in juice.
        What works for people who try to fix the problem on their own: Opening the top plate on the mod using the appropriate mini star-headed screwdriver and tightening or loosening internal screws and nuts, re-soldering wires from the connector to the motherboard that broke, physically prying up the spring-loaded pins on the mods that indeed commonly get stuck fully depressed, carefully fitting a piece of tinfoil on top of the mod’s connector pin but not touching the sides of the well and screwing tanks in on top of that, attaching a small piece of metal to the connector on your atomizer to lengthen it, or possibly using only the GV Cerberus tank w/ GV’s current Legend, Solo, Mini, Nova, Blade, or GBox Squonk Mod. Rolling back the firmware if you have the Legend. And most importantly, since it seems to be the main trigger for the “No Coil Detected” problem in new units, not recharging the mod battery.

        For those who don’t want to play around inside their Geekvape mods & void the warranty and/or fry themselves by accident, or stick pieces of metal to their tank connectors or make and insert wads of precisely shaped, fit, and balanced tinfoil on top of the mod pin and put their tanks on top of that and hope they don’t slip or fry a working tank/coil by accident, what Geekvape seems to be doing is ignoring their own “we don’t warranty any of our products, our re-sellers are the ones who are supposed to do that” policy and asking people with the “No coil Detected” problem on any of their mods is send them an e-mail at [email protected] explaining the problem and attaching pics of your receipt, security code, mod showing the error message, & something else I forget but which is listed by the latest posters in that forum, at which point they let you send them the mod, they confirm the error, try to fix it, fail, and send you a new mod.

        That’s what Geekvape is asking; and people who comply are getting replacements in the mail. (How long they work is anyone’s guess.)

        I strongly suggest that you reframe your whole article to reflect the fact that Geekvape is asking people with this problem to do the above. Perhaps adding that before you do that, you can try the coil/tank on different, non-GV mods. Likely they’ll work fine on those. If so, follow GV’s instructions on getting a new mod, because yes it’s the mod. If the tank/coil don’t work on non GV mods, then try all your suggested fixes assuming it’s the tank/coil. And under no circumstances retain phrases like “We’ve got an in-depth how-to that’s sure to help you fix your Aegis, Aegis Mini or Aegis Legend Mod in no time!” unless you know your readers are all capable of using tiny screwdrivers and possibly soldering/welding gear to safely get at and fix a range of problems on the inside of their GV mods and don’t mind that Geekvape probably won’t honor their exception to their warrantied-by-our-resellers-only, if you try and fail. because their stance is that yeah it is a problem with the mod and let us try to repair it, please, or send you a replacement.

        You are so, so welcome.

        • Unfortunately, I can’t answer every question or solve every problem that is commented on this site. I write articles in an effort to help, and beyond that I allow viewers to comment to help each other. Geek Vape is a great manufacturer… I have worked with them personally for years. Sending an email to them will definitely help, but a lot of people don’t understand that sometimes it takes them a while to get back to you because they, just like many manufacturers, are fixing major and minor issues that any device could have. After loads of comments, it definitely seems like a mod issue, and hopefully, many of the people commenting are reaching out to the Geek Vape support department to get a fix. Thank you for sharing the information. I know there are a lot of people that visiting this site that would enjoy reading through it.

        • Sue, although lengthy your post is spot on. If the problem with my legend was any of the so called fixes, I would not have come here for a solution. I have a box full of not working mods. Once we found the Geek Vape Aegis Legend our problems with mods were erased. It is the best mod we have found. I currently have 2 that do not work. One does not turn on and the latest, no coil detected. The no coil detected mod has worked flawlessly for over 2 years. Over the 2 years of use I must have dropped this mod 100 times. That is not an exageration. The GV Legend is a workhorse of a mod. I would love for someone to post a repair schematic. I am going to open my 2 broken machines in hopes that I can see the problem. If anyone can steer me to a how to, it would be appreciated. I will try your solution first Sue.

  5. Paid over 80$ dollars on this mod in New Hampshire, had it for an entire month, and more often than not the “no coil detected” comes up. NOT once has this been dropped, abused or thrown about. I bout a new tank thinking my baby beat wasn’t “beasty” enough for this mod. I own a solo 100W mod. Now that I have replaced my tank (as thinking it was a tank issue) IT IS STILL DOING IT!! I will take out the battery, wait for 15 minutes and put the battery back into the mod, and it works for a couple of hours, and BOOM… You guessed it! NO COIL DETECTED!! SO I figured I would do a firmware update and your company HAS YET to release said update!! I swear to fiery hell, if the store does not replace this damn this, I will scream at every one involved!! This is pure BULLSHIT!

    • Jenifer I’m right there was with you! I’ve had mine for about two months and it’s been doing it off and on. Now today I can’t get the “no coil detected” message to go away no matter what I do. I’m freaking livid because I don’t have the money to just go buy another mod. I’m going into the store when I get off work and I’m going to raise some hell if they don’t replace it! I’m livid the company hasn’t done any thing to fix this problem.

  6. Haylow
    I experienced a lot of these no coil issues messages on a geekvape aegis solo
    And during a long time I was able to quickly fix it with opening the battery and unscrew the tank
    Then play with springs inside the battery compartment and in the 510 connection on the mod only
    But yesterday it took more than one hour to fix it, it made me really mad and it’s not well fixed yet
    I continue to experience issue
    But this time it is that the mod is always loosing the tank coil
    I mean it does like you unscrew then scew it back, I have to always re do yes it’s previous coil check before to be able to vape a little
    And I didn’t even touched at everything phisicaly, so yes for me too, sorry, it’s a mod issue only
    And maybe only a firmware issue
    And unfortunately I won’t try to find if it is a new firmware available because the geekvape site seems not online or with a lot of virus/adware/thing ware
    Like I saw a thing that said “allow notification to say you are not a bot” from a strange website when I was trying to visit geekvape website
    It scared me a little and I just click block it and then quit the website…
    I prefer to be there
    It seems more helpful…
    So yeah, it seems also that it will be easier to try to fix it by myself than ask geekvape or my local retailer in France ….
    I hope it will be better soon..
    I was thinking to buy an other mod because yeah geekvape do greet job with shockproof waterproof dust proof specs and I’m not sure there is an other manufacturer that does same great job…
    But unfortunately if all or most of all their mods having same “no coil issue” or “atomiser short issue”
    I will wait a little more before order again a geekvape mod…
    So thanks you people there, the author of article and people who commented, I find it very helpful
    And don’t hesitate to ask me if you want to know more details, I will try to answer for my case…
    (And me same, I’m using a non geekvape tank on my mod, but I got a lot of cool for it, and I won’t buy a geekvape tank to fix my problem…)
    And I hope if I can’t fix it, I will be able to get a refund or to get a new mod free by my retailer, but what I read about that there, scare me a little….
    I hope at least they will try to improve their future products to try to delete these issues….
    Have a nice day everyone
    Peace ☮️

    • One new advice for people
      With these mods, use only one tank, and never try to change to an other one
      By example if you get a tank with a longer 510 pin, it will down the spring and after you couldn’t get back to a shorter one. …
      On mine I think it’s because I tried a radiator cooler thing, you know one extension you put between mod and tank to help to cool it
      Now I’m only able to use it with that extend extension, even during a time it worked without that …
      So yeah maybe it was my fault…. But I think it’s the mod not well manufacturered … I think a mod is designed to be able to be used with the tank you prefer, and you should be able to change the tank whenever you want…
      Unfortunately with this mod…. (And maybe with others I don’t know…) We can’t change….
      Maybe it will help some people… But if they come there it’s maybe too late… So maybe on their new mod if they get a new one by geekvape….
      Don’t try to change tank or connection between tank and mod …
      I’m sad, and I need to buy an other mod… Because I don’t want to return to smoking because I experienced that… But after one hour without vaping .. it’s really hard…. To stay calm in mind…
      Good luck people

  7. I opened my geekvape aegis solo mod
    And it’s not nice
    Really bad…
    One wire unsoldered, very hard to open the mod to solder it properly
    Also two screws broken, and since one connection is made with only screws, I could maybe fix it with solder, but it will never be as it was when it was new…
    It is not designed to stay alive a long time, it is not designed to be open and close to repair it…
    A lot of part are only glued in some weird ways…. So…. Now I opened it….
    I’m really surprised this thing can pass shockproof dust proof waterproof testing….
    I’m really disappointed….
    And still very stressful stressed because I can only smoke a little e cig …
    If anyone is interested… Ask me …
    But …. Maybe my comment will not pass the moderation moderators….
    I don’t know …

  8. Same here mates. After 2 months, “no coil detected” on my Aegis Legend. Wait about 15 min and restart MOD and it lasts for 2 or 3 puffs. The reseller here in Brazil only supply a 30 day warranty. So, I decided to take it apart to look for any loose wires or whatever. I cleaned the main board with WD40 and a brush. On my way back, I left the metal top cover with only 1 screw. For now it’s working. For sure there is something dodgy on the hardware side of it.

  9. I got my Aegis legend tank almost a year ago. No issues at all. I dropped it recently and now I have the no coil issue. I have two tanks and I switched over to the new tank and it works fine. Tank issue. I’m hoping they will replace the tank as it’s not physically broken at all but the tank is a beast and I love it

  10. I’ve had mine for about 3 months and it just did the “No Coil Detected”. I took the coil off and used a Q-tip to push the pin out (makes the connection between the coil and the battery). I cleaned the pin, and using the Q-tip, I pushed the white grommet from inside. I didn’t completely push it out, only far enough where it’s lined up. Put the pin back in, and screwed the coil back on and so forth. Problem fixed. I think it’s that white grommet because it gets pushed further in, it doesn’t hold the pin in close enough to make a connection with the mod. That’s just my 2 cents. I hope this helps.

  11. Had the aegis zues and after a year i plugged it in went to sleep for 3 hours and then nothing but no coil warning. Went right out bough a new coil didn’t work. Took the zues top off cleaned it, reset the bottom rubber ring properly but I’ve plugged multiple things into it and all same issue. From carts, to wax tops. Always works, and instantly brings up new coil settings. It’s not the top because I put it back on my old smok trigger and I can vape, it’s the mod.

    It happened once or twice a few months ago where it was randomly doing it. But now it seems like the mod is fubard. I even have the box with all the extra rings, case, etc. There is nothing that can be done. There is nothing on the inside of the battery casing and no way to “lift” the pin in it. Personally I loved it and changed from the smok trigger with a prince top to this and it’s the first gen with all the issues with keeping the battery pack and trigger parts together and it works. It’s a mod issue. I cleaned the entire top reset all rubber pieces properly aligned the connection tried 3 coils, used a q-tip to clean the inside of the mod whole for connection and nothing. I can’t say for sure if the pin is lower than it should be since I had no idea it could move, its not spring loaded. I just put different batteries in it hoping for maybe some type of reset. Went through all the options, screwed tops that I know work and nothing no coil detected.

    I’d fallen a few times but never effected it. We got it because wife was clumbsy so it was an anti-her feature. but I’ll test it over the new few days but I’m pretty sure the mod is done or there is a problem in the bios or software that isn’t acting correctly.

    I still have the box with the security thing on back all the parts, no receipt since I bought it a year ago. I can take whatever video’s they want. I would like to have this mod working. I actually liked it until this bs came up.

  12. I bought an Aegis Solo a few months ago and straight out of the box I had “no coil detected” off and on periodically, no matter what tank I used. All 3 of my tanks work with my other mod so it’s not the tank. After my warranty was up, the problem became more constant and then stopped working all together saying no coil detected. The geekvape “support” and info on their website was no help and once I looked online, I saw I definitely was not the only one. I loved the Aegis Solo but refuse to give the same company more money so, I suggest doing what I did and buy a Vaporesso Forz TX80. It’s very similar to the Aegis Solo, with all the same features, and some. It even looks like the Aegis Plus IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

  13. Well with mine it’s not the mod cuz it works just fine with their tank… It’s when I try to put my primal cannabis cartridges on there that I get the error.. I bought 2 different cartridges recently and they worked at first then all if a sudden error msg… Looking at them the pin was definitely not protruding enough so I pulled it out some but they must be too loose cuz as soon as I put it on mod the pins pushed in again… I thought I had connected well once cuz pin was still good after removing from mod after another error but if that didn’t solve it I wonder if maybe I fried the coil cuz I forgot to turn watts down between nicotine and marijuana tanks? But since its a disposable cartridge I don’t think I can even open it let alone change or clean the coil…. Do they give the same error msg if the coil is just fried???

  14. I fixed the problem twice and now know how to change the atomizer ensuring this message doesn’t appear.

    When putting the parts back together to use my Aegis Legend with a fresh coil, I use to screw the atomizer into the base of the tank. I would then put the glass on the top part of the tank and screw it into the atomizer. After filling the tank and putting the mouthpiece on, the ‘No Coil Detected’ message appeared. It’s frustrating when the tank is full.

    To fix this issue, I removed the parts and emptied the fluid out of the tank. I put the parts back together again in the same order this time without the glass. Leaving out the glass allows the connection between all the parts to be tighter. The mod lights up on its own and asks if the coil was replaced. I unscrew the top part of the tank from the atomizer making sure I don’t loosen any other connections. I slip the glass back over the top piece and reconnect it to the atomizer.

    Now after changing the atomizer, I assemble the tank without the glass first, unscrew the top to add the glass, and then fill the tank. The ‘No Coil Detected’ message doesn’t appear. In my opinion, it’s still a manufacturing issue that should be fixed. I shouldn’t have to tighten the parts of my tank to that extent (it’s not so tight that it causes immediate damage or makes it too hard to remove the atomizer when it’s time to change again). The parts will wear out quicker from the extra tightening.

  15. Just paid 130 dollars 2 months ago for my geek vape…after my first coil went dead ..tried my second and its giving me this error..cleaned it and everything..I’m looking at all the comments..so upset!!!!

  16. This IS all bs.
    Why ?
    I put my tank WITH existing coil in another mod…
    And it works just fine.
    I have purchased four of this mods and it’s ALWAYS the same issue
    No coil detected
    New coil or used.
    If I could get the thing opened,
    I’d be more than happy to post eaches serial number.
    (If…they have one)