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How To Save Money on Premium Vape Juice

West Coast Vape Supply

With vapor products continuing its momentum in popularity, premium vape juice is becoming that much more of the desired product. Due to its growth, the price of vaping products has plummeted as an increase in manufacturing brands make their introduction into the market. Although prices have bottomed out within the market and users are relishing over its benefits, people are still looking for an even greater discount. In this article, we’re going to list how to save money on Premium Vape Juice.

Save Money on Premium Vape Juice

1. Competitive Pricing

competitive pricingWith thousands of vendors on the market today, it’s easy to find an online store that has a wide variety of premium ejuice. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find an online store that offers true competitive pricing. If you define the term competitive pricing, you’ll learn that it’s “the process of selecting strategic price points to best take advantage of a product or service based market relative to the competition.” The majority of the online market isn’t built around a competitive pricing structure, and it gets even worse when you visit bricks & mortar shops.

Even when a vendor decides to slash prices to beat out the competition, the value of products lower and those insanely low costs become the norm. If you look dig deep enough you’ll find a few gems that stick out, like West Coast Vape Supply. WCVS has been one of the industry’s most successful vendors since 2013 and has continued to stock a wide variety of the latest vaping products in its Las Vegas, Nevada warehouse. If you’re looking for rock bottom prices on premium vape juice, keep an eye out for vendors with competitive pricing.

2. Ejuice Bundles

Naked Ejuice FlavorsThere has been an on-going trend that has stuck around the market, and that has been ejuice bundles. What’s shocking about them is that most vaping consumers overlook these bundles and shop to find their specific brand and flavor. While it’s understandable that people tend to stick to what they know and are familiar with ordering, exploring an online vape shop’s ejuice bundle category may reveal that their favorite brand and flavor may be bundled, allowing you to save money on premium vape juice. It’s really simple to understand; the vendor bundles several flavors together, you buy a larger quantity, and as a result, you pay less money per bottle of ejuice.

Our friends at West Coast Vape Supply has adopted this model from the start, showing its appreciation of larger orders by passing on the savings in these vape juice bundles. If you navigate throughout their ejuice bundle’s category, you’ll find bundles on Cuttwood Vape Juice, bundles on the industry’s most popular brand Naked Vape Juice, and you can even find Mystery Ejuice Bundles that allows you to try a heap of new brands and flavors. Search around, find yourself an ejuice bundle and save money on premium vape juice!

3. Buy In Bulk

bulk buyingAnother great way to save money on premium vape juice is to buy in bulk, or its official term “bulk purchasing”. If you search bulk purchasing for its definition, it “is the purchase of much larger quantities than the usual, for a unit price that is lower than the usual.” Ejuice bundles are very similar, but with pre-defined bundles. When you buy in bulk or all at once, there are many ways you can save money on premium vape juice, such as taking advantage of a minimum order amount to get free shipping, buying everything you want to create your own bundle at a lower cost, and if you buy bundles in bulk, you get savings on top of savings.

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