Easily one of the most incredibly designed mods created, the new iJoy RDTA Box Mini Mod is set to be a hot topic in vaping for some time to come.  It’s so much different than what we’re used to seeing on the market, as it offers a compact size, an all-in-one RDTA design, the ability to transform into a regular mod, it allows you to switch from a 2mL e-liquid capacity to a 6mL capacity, the tank is removable for easy cleaning, and many will love that it has a built-in 2600mAh Li-Po battery.  This is one of those devices that you want to act on!


The all new iJoy RDTA Box Mini All-In-One Mod features a remarkable design, one with rounded corners, straight lines, themed marvelously, and just an overall beautiful and very appealing device to look at.  The RDTA Box Mini Mod stands just 100.3mm in height, 25mm in depth, and 45mm in width, giving it a compact size.  In comparison to the original RDTA Box, this miniature version has a more rounded chassis, meaning the edges have a smoother feel and will offer a more enjoyable experience when holding it.

The iJoy RDTA Box Mini features an all-in-one design, meaning the device has a built-in tank.  How this new design differs from the original is that this tank is removable, making it easier to clean.  As an option, there are two tanks that come with the kit, one with a 2mL capacity and another with a 6mL capacity.  On the side of the device there is a triangle cutout that lights up from a white LED when you fire the device.  This LED light will help check the e-liquid level and allow you to monitor the tank so that you’re aware of when it needs to be cleaned.  As for filling, the iJoy RDTA Box Mini has a large sized filling hole at the top of the device, making refilling the tank with e-liquid a breeze.  Though this device has an all-in-one design, it can also be used as a regular mod that will allow you to attach any atomizer with a 510 connection.

Giving plenty of options, iJoy has created the RDTA Box Mini Mod in several color options, including Black, Silver, Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Teal, and Blue.  Each color option has a matching RDTA and uses a carbon fiber inlay around the battery cover.  Just below the adjustment buttons towards the bottom there is a micro-USB port use for charging and future firmware upgrades.  Between the fire button and the adjustment buttons is a 0.96 inch OLED display screen with a vertical stack.  In addition, it also features a 3-button configuration with the fire button being over-sized.  Much like the original, the RDTA Box Mini has a rebuildable deck with velocity style posts and gives the option to use a pre-made RBM-C2 0.25Ω coil that allows you to range from 30W to 60W.  As for power, you’ll get to experience up to 100 watts and it’s backed by a built-in 2600mAh Li-Po battery.  The battery is concealed by a magnetic battery cover on the backside of the device.  And lastly, the iJoy RDTA Box Mini Mod boasts a full temperature control suite that allows you to take advantage of Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel coils.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Features
Image provided by the manufacturer.