Discover the top 10 best RDTA’s in 2017 by viewing this thorough list of rebuildable dripping tank atomizers.  We’ve taken the time to use or research the best atomizers on the market, doing the legwork, saving you time, and of course saving you money.  This list comprised of the best RDTA’s will give you a short description of the products features and specifications, and we’ll provide a button link just below that we recommend purchasing the product from.

Note: The products on this list aren’t placed in any particular order and reflect only that of the author.

1. iJoy Combo RDTA

iJoy Combo RDTAThe iJoy Combo RDTA features an interchangeable deck system around a stainless steel 25mm diameter chassis.  The deck system allows you to take advantage of clamp style terminals, a two post velocity style deck, or you can turn it into a sub-ohm tank with the help of the IMC 0.3Ω coil that boasts a ceramic deck and the ability to range in wattage from 40W to 80W.  Furthermore, the iJoy Combo RDTA offers up a threaded mid section, an innovative side fill port, a delrin chuff cap, dual slotted adjustable airflow control, and a 6.5mL tank capacity that’s concealed with a glass construction.


2. Coil Art Azeroth RDTA

Coil Art Azeroth RDTAThe Coil Art Azeroth RDTA features a gold-plated two post clamp style deck with PEEK insulation, quad wicking ports, and has an 18mm internal diameter.  The tank itself has a 24mm diameter and is constructed of 304 stainless steel.  It also offers a threaded mid section, an innovative side fill port, dual triple slotted adjustable airflow control, a delrin competition bore cap, a tapered delrin wide bore drip tip, a gold-plated 510 connection, and a 4.0mL e-liquid capacity that’s concealed with a glass construction.


3. Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTAThe Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA features a side tension two post design with dual terminals per post, and gives up an internal 16.5mm diameter for increased build space.  The Aromamizer Supreme boasts a 25mm diameter that’s capable of holding up to a 7mL e-liquid capacity inside a glass construction.  Built with 304 stainless steel, the Aromamizer Supreme RDTA also sports a tapered adjustable airflow design, top fill capabilities, a juice control system, a direct to deck liquid feeding system, PEEK insulators, silver plated contacts, and a knurled bottom.


4. VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA

VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTAThe VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA features a two post build deck with dual terminals per post, a 19mm post distance and a 20mm internal diameter, all incased in a 24mm diameter stainless steel chassis.  It has a unique pressurized tank that has a 4mL e-liquid capacity, and uses a glass construction with the options of having a clear or smoked glass.  You can expect dual airflow based on 10mm by 3mm exterior air slots and quad 3.5mm by 3mm internal air holes.  In addition, the VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA uses a threaded wide bore top cap, PEEK insulation, quad wicking ports, and 24K gold-plated copper posts.


5. Syntheticloud Alpine RDTA

Syntheticloud Alpine RDTAThe Syntheticloud Alpine RDTA features a two post build deck with dual terminals per post that’s based on a 24mm diameter stainless steel and gold-plated brass chassis.  It offers up PEEK insulation, quad wicking ports, a gold-plated build deck, an innovative center top fill design, both adjustable top and bottom dual airflow control, a spitback guard, delrin chuff cap, a gold-plated 510 connection, and a 3mL e-liquid capacity that’s concealed by a glass construction.


6. Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA

Aspire Quad-Flex RDTAThe Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA features a 4-in-1 design with the capability of becoming an RDTA, an RDA, a Squonker RDA, or a Sub-Ohm Tank.  As an RDTA it has dual adjustable airflow control, two adjustable airflow sleeve for the options of top or side airflow, a wide bore delrin drip tip, a 2mL e-liquid capacity concealed with a pyrex glass construction, and it offers up a velocity style two post build deck.  As an RDA the Aspire Quad-Flex boasts a 25mm by 22mm dimension that features the same airflow capabilities, using the same wide bore delrin drip tip, and featuring the same velocity style build deck.  Furthermore, you can turn the Quad-Flex into a Squonker RDA that has a 25mm by 22mm dimension, bottom juice feeding capable, using the same wide bore delrin drip tip and velocity style build deck.


7. GeekVape Medusa RDTA

GeekVape Medusa RDTAThe GeekVape Medusa RDTA features a stacked terminal two post build deck with side mounted hardened hex screws positioned in a 25mm diameter chassis.  It has a unique quarter turn mid section that easily allows for rewicking and refilling its stainless steel tank that has a 3mL e-liquid capacity.  There are dual adjustable airflow cutouts on each side, an 8mm bore PEI drip tip, PEEK insulators, gold-plated contacts, and quad corner wicking ports.


8. GeekVape Avocado RDTA

GeekVape Avocado RDTAThe GeekVape Avocado RDTA features a side-tension vertical two post deck housed in a 24mm diameter chassis.  It utilizes a stainless steel construction while its 5mL e-liquid capacity tank section is constructed of silica glass for high temperature resistance.  The Avocado RDTA offers dynamic adjustable airflow control, dual side airslots, a hinge-lock fill system, 4.5mm wicking holes, PEEK insulated positive post, and a gold-plated 510 adjustable pin.


9. iJoy Limitless RDTA

iJoy Limitless RDTAThe iJoy Limitless RDTA features a two post velocity style build deck with dual terminals per post coupled inside a 24mm diameter chassis.  It’s constructed of stainless steel, utilizes glass for its 4mL e-liquid capacity, it has a threaded mid section, an innovative side fill port, dual slotted adjustable airflow control, a delrin chuff cap, PEEK insulation, and quad wicking ports.


10. Augvape Merlin RDTA

Augvape Merlin RDTAThe Augvape Merlin RDTA features a two post velocity style build deck with an extra-large single terminal per post, wide wicking slots, and all gathered inside a 24mm diameter 304 stainless steel chassis.  It utilizes a borosilicate glass section for its 3.5mL e-liquid capacity.  In addition, it has a 24K gold-plated positive post for superior conductivity, PEEK insulation, a self sealing top fill system that’s centered between the posts, a pressure fit sealing rod that doubles as a spitback prevention system, a threaded to knurled top cap with a 9mm bore, 24K gold-plated 510 contact, and CNC engraving.



  1. Hmmm… missed a few, and included a few questionable items…

    No Serpent RDTA, Gaia RDTA, The Karma, The Dota and Rota (ok, so those weren’t that good), Avocado 22 SE or Avocado 24 Bottom Air?

    And including the Aromamizer Supreme? It’s been superceded by the Aromamizer Plus, and was an RDTA in name only.

    Finally, is this a list of RDTAs released in ’17 or available in ’17?

    Other than those quibbles, great article. I am a huge fan of RDTAs…

    • The RDTA’s I chose for this list reflect only my opinion of what are the best RDTA’s in 2017, and not defined as being what was released only in 2017. If we were to base it on that, there wouldn’t be much of a selection, and I couldn’t share an opinion on them being that I haven’t heard much of them or use them myself. The list of RDTA’s on this list are one’s that I’ve personally used, friends of mine have raved about, or RDTA’s that are most popular.

      The iJoy Combo RDTA won 3rd place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 receiving 160 votes. The Coil Art Azeroth RDTA was chosen because of the merely popularity surrounded by it and I have many friends that swear by it. The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme is an RDTA with tons of popularity, I’ve received many recommendations to give it a shot, and it did very well on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll. The VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA is one that many friends are using and seems to be rather popular, even though I personally haven’t been a huge fan of VGOD products. The Syntheticloud Alpine RDTA has an incredible design, and though I have yet to use it, Grimm Green shared that it was his favorite RDTA of all time. The Aspire Quad-Flex also did really well on the polls and I’ve heard many share how much they enjoy it, especially on product pages when reading the reviews of what customers thought. The GeekVape Medusa RDTA is one I personally own and enjoy using just because of its design… it’s like a dripper with a huge juice well – I like it for its design, but I don’t like the drip cap it uses, unfortunately. The GeekVape Avocado has been recommended to me several times, but I’ve never given it a shot because if I’m not that interested in something I’ll just wait until a company sends it to me for free. However, like I said many have recommended it to me, Steve Mac – owner of ECC and ECAG – and my boss at ECAG, swears by it. It also won 2nd place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll with 316 votes. The iJoy Limitless RDTA is one that I own and love most out of all of them and won 1st place on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2016 Poll with 745 votes. And lastly, there’s been many that have talked up the Augvape Merlin RDTA, it seems to have quite a bit of popularity around it, and it has an incredible design like the Alpine RDTA. Thanks for reading.

    • I completely agree, Love my Cthulhu Gaia and I just ordered a Serpent for some dedicated single coil action. I replaced my IJOY Combo with the Cthulhu, it is sleeker and has better airflow imo.


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