Blackberry Lemonade from is much like the rest of their flavors that I’ve tried, and that can be summed up in many words, but the one I like to use which best describes iVape juices is ‘awesome’.  I kid you not, I’ve tried three flavors from the iVape store and each of them takes my first, second and third spot for being the best flavors I’ve vaped.

Today I received my order in the mail from iVape.  I received Cherry Limeade and Watermelon, which I’ve already did reviews for those two.  They immediately became my all day vape and now I have Blackberry Lemonade that also came in the mail with my order to add to the list.  Now, I’m not sucking up to iVape (coughiloveyoujoecough) and I’m not a fan boy, but overall, I can honestly say that they know what they’re doing when it comes to making some really good juice.

I dripped in two drops of the Blackberry Lemonade, excited, anxious and in hopes that it would be another awesome vape to add to my list.  I’ve heard good things about the Blackberry Lemonade from iVape and I was eager to try it for myself.  Taking my first toot of Blackberry Lemonade on my 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8ohm bauway atomizer, the sign of relief hit me.  It has that berry taste on the inhale, very smooth but at the same time a slight throat hit.  What was awesome about the Blackberry Lemonade is that on the exhale you only get a hint of berry and that’s when the lemonade is stronger.  Blackberry in, Lemonade out… what more could you want?

Ever since I made my order for the Blackberry Lemonade at, my wife has been hounding me asking “When will the iVape juice be here?, Is it here yet?, Is it here yet?”.  Judging by that, I think she was pretty excited about having her second all day vape as well and let me just tell you, she found it.  She arrived home from work, exhausted and barely functioning, I took it that she had a rough day.  Being the good husband that I am, I went and fixed her something to drink and filled her atomizer with the Blackberry Lemonade.  I watched her as she took a toot from her EGO with a 1.8ohm bauway atomizer and all I seen was the stress melt away.  Her eyes literally rolled back and her head fell back.  To cut this story short, I immediately stole her EGO from her, vaped all the juice out so I can have it all to myself. (Only ordered a 10ml) Muahaha!

Overall, iVape never ceases to amaze me with their e-liquid.  The Blackberry Lemonade is awesome and I plan to make my next order again very soon.  If you haven’t tried any of iVape’s e-liquid, I highly recommend it.

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  1. makes the best juice i have tried. Also, I just met Joe, the owner, at VaperCon this weekend and he is the man. Give their stuff a try! Try “Sweet Caroline” especially. I vape that stuff all day every day and cannot get tired of it.