Today I will be reviewing an 6ml bottle of Juicy Peach from  All of TexasSelectVapor’s liquids is a blend of 70% PG and 30% VG. I’ll be using a 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8 ohm bauway atomizer.  Their description simply says if you like peaches then this is the liquid for you.

Upon opening the bottle I got a strong smell of a peach, almost like I squeezed a real peach.  I can’t really say I like peaches or have eaten very many in my life, but I put a few drops in my atomizer and after a few trys I’d have to say it taste really good, spot on like the gummy peach rings candy you get at the store. The throat hit is good. It’s not as harsh as I prefer, but still good and smooth. As far as the vapor production, I’ve been getting plenty of it.

Overall this e-liquid tastes very good, spot on with the peach taste. I think the throat hit and vapor production could be tweaked perfect for certain people’s preferences if percentage blend’s were offered on the juice. The throat hit again is fairly good and smooth, I just prefer more harsh. Same goes for the vapor production, plenty of it but again I think there would be a lot more with a little tweaking to the percentage blend. I’d definitely recommend this e-liquid to anyone who enjoys peaches or the gummy peach rings, you won’t be disappointed.

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