From the time I first started vaping, I’ve always had some sort of ┬ápassion to share this great experience that I’ve been enduring. I figured “hey it helped me, why can’t it help everyone else also?” –

Since then I’ve stuck to the beat of my drum and I’ve continuously kept spreading the information rather it be on my site ( or even if it was here in my local city. I’ve converted many vapers at this point and have always looked for an easier way to do so. I’ve found great ways to help a fellow vaper or convert a new vaper, but one that has really taken my attention is the Giveaways across the vaping community. Almost everyday it seems like that there is a giveaway going on and trust me, many flock to it.

Having a giveaway is an awesome idea, but what else could we do? Couldn’t we do something more to help even further? There has to be a way…

One idea I’ve had for the longest is maybe some sort of donation thing, some-what of a foundation for the cause. You may think that I’m taking it over-board and supporting someone elses habit probably isn’t our responsibility, but remember the cause and what the result would be. I’m not saying we should all pull together to make sure this or that guy should have a stock of atomizers, but I am saying that maybe we could pull together and have a small stock pile of ‘get you started’ type of electronic cigarettes and accessories.

How could we do something like this all online? Easy! It would be as simple as getting that new vaper or that smoker that is looking to switch to e-cigarettes to write to GuideToVaping, to call in to, to speak up at, or any other site, network or stream. It would take more than myself to push something like this into effect, so the next time you’re on Twitter, GPlus, or one of the many vaping networks, link them to this post and say “I’m for this, I want to help!”.