The latest innovation in the Kangertech EVOD line is finally here.  With the release of the Kanger EVOD Pro MTL system, the manufacturer has set its sights on giving the best possible vaping experience to new vapers and those who prefer the mouth to lung vaping experience.  Throughout its various incantations the EVOD has captured the hearts and imaginations of many vapers, and this new system promises to do the same.  Over the next couple of minutes we will dissect the mod and see what makes it a great choice.  Pull up a chair and let’s get down to business.

The EVOD Pro: System Overview

Kanger EVOD Pro MTL silver modKangertech is a name known for innovation throughout the vaping industry.  Its devices are popular among new vapers and old alike, generally because they are inexpensive and work as advertised.  For this version of the EVOD system, Kanger decided to literally turn the design on its head, making the chassis and the tank a streamlined integrated system.  At 22mm in diameter, the device is reminiscent of a mechanical mod, but appearance is as far as those similarities go.

Single button operation and electronic protection circuits will make sure that the EVOD will offer a simple and safe experience for vapers of any experience level.  With a 10 second cut off sensor, over discharge, short-circuit, and low battery protection, the EVOD Pro MTL has the latest features to make sure that it protects itself, as well as the user.  Utilizing a single 18650 high drain battery (sold separately) as its power source, the device gives you the option of removing and recharging batteries (it’s always helpful to carry a spare or 2 in a case if you are on the go) or taking advantage of the micro USB charging port built into the side.

Kanger EVOD Pro MTL top cap off showing inside of tankMoving to the top of the EVOD Pro MTL system, you will notice it’s dissimilar to most tanks of this size and appearance. Taking advantage of design features created out of necessity due to the European Unions Tobacco Products Directive, you will find a leak proof top airflow integrated into the cap.  As a device designed to focus on flavor enhancement and mouth-to-lung hits, the dual 2mm air-holes work in unison with the devices other hidden treasure.

Kanger EVOD Pro MTL open coilThe CLOCC system (organic cotton coil) is not designed for your average setup.  It’s designed for top down access into the 4ml tank space — Kanger took advantage of a 1.0Ω NiChrome coil that is attached directly to the cap and not the base.  The simplified design allows the user to fill the tank without obstruction (only up to the fill line), which means no more spills or losing liquid while taking advantage of a new style of contact connection.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a new or an experienced vaper looking for a solid mouth-to-lung experience, the Kanger EVOD Pro MTL should be on your wish list.  It’s simple to use, affordable, and comes in a variety of stylish colors.



  1. could you clarify the filling method please?
    are we meant to remove the top entirely? and then simply fill to the line then insert the joined coil /top?
    or drip in from the mouthpiece opening?
    the instructions are a LOT lacking with no user manual included;-(
    and Kangers own webpage is as close to useless as one can get ;-(

  2. I’d like to know how to clean this device. New to vaping and have had the kangertech evod with all the small pieces and seals….wasn’t for me. This is such a better way to vape without worry of everything being sealed, etc. My only concern is keeping it clean. I guess because it’s relatively new, but I can’t find any information for this online. Thanks in advance.

  3. I love the overall unit, but I am having serious problems with it “gurgling” if I fill it any more than about one eye-dropper full of juice.
    Then when I blow to try and clear the thing, juice comes out of the air holes. The HOT juice getting into my mouth is No fun if I try and vape while its gurgling!!
    Any suggestions?

  4. I bought 3 of them and less than 2 weeks old 1 gives me 3 flashes and won’t work. It has the correct coils. Replaced with the same it and the other 2 have. Thought maybe that was a reset hole above the USB charging slot but hasn’t helped. Any suggestions?